Monday, August 20, 2018

Friday, August 17, 2018

Teachers' Day Cake Collection 2018 #creamcake #singaporecake

We are excited to bring you our latest selection of Cream series cakes, based on the popular and very beautiful ROSETTE cream cakes designs . 
For this teacher's day, we selection 3 great looking and tasting Rosette designer cake for the collection . 
1. Choco Choco - is based on the deep Red and Teal colour design cake, definitely a fashion statement . This cake is based on our best selling Belgium chocolate ganache mixed with our freshly made fluffy sponge . you will never be satisfy on its craving .

2. Lychee Rose Rosette - this is a more demure design cake in soft flora pastel., very suitable for the lady teach , the words is especially meaningful Chinese " Grateful to you " . the taste is light yet refreshing w fresh Lychee Rose fillings .. 

3. ( NEW ) Oolong tea fillings - for the sweet bitter sense of aroma within a cake , this is a special selected crafted design with elegant pastel stars . this is my personal pick and favourite .. 

For the the Teacher out there, Great Job ! Well Done ! 

By Cakeinspiration Team :-) 

Pokemon Charizard flame dragon for boy's birthday theme cake #singaporecake #pokemoncake

Look at this amazing 3d Pomon Charizard figurine, looks so nice and took many effort to make. 

Winnie the Pooh Rainbow cake theme #singaporecake #winniethepooh


Beautiful Winnie the Pooh colorful rainbow theme. This cake is so lovely, you see every details are good and made with sugar handcrafted mold in perfection.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Robocar Poli squad 3d figurines in garden theme cake #singaporecake #robopolicar

Cute Robo Poli characters in a fondant art garden design looks so great.
You can really see from the characters how good it was crafted by hand.

Garden flower rustic theme wedding cake #singaporecake #weddingcake

You may be looking for beautiful and elegant wedding cake yet for affordable reason, 
we create masterpiece with a great value. Like this buttercream succulent and flower rustic theme 3 tier cake.