Monday, May 21, 2018

Garden Flowers and Butterfly Theme Buttercream Cake Singapore #Gardenthemecake

Cute and colorful garden theme for Gwennan 3rd Birthday. Colors and artistry are very nice and you see the flowers, butterfly and ladybugs looks so cute.

Christening Rosette in Pastel Blue Cake Singapore #Christeningcake #RosetteBluecake

This cake comes with very nice rosette swirls design with silver pearls in blue color theme. Perfect for baby boy christening cake to celebrate with.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Pink Ombre Rosette Swirls Cake Singapore #PinkOmbre #RosetteCake

Wonderful ombre rosette cake with a pastel pink color perfect for girl's birthday theme.
The cake can do same day with delicious flavors you can request to us.

Kinder Surprise 3D Cake with Litte Ninjago Theme Cake Singapore #KinderCake

A lot of delicious surprise inside this 3D cake Kinder theme. With its tasteful inside and beautiful design outside. This cake sure is so nice and with perfection.

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Chocolate KitKat and M&M's Birthday Cake Theme Singapore #ChocolateCake #Kitkat #M&Ms

Mouth watering chocolates! This is so delicious and nice cake. We love how the cake was design and put a lot of really sweet star fondant icing. Great cake idea with best tasting cake.

Kiddie Batman & Iron Man for Boys Birthday Cake Singapore #BatmanIronmanCake

Prepare for action! Our heroes are here!

Kids really love super heroes like Batman and Iron Man, here Alden 1st birthday celebrate with some super hero action powers that are surely beautiful and delicious. We got many other designs you can select.

Friday, May 18, 2018

Aloha Hawaiian Beach Theme Cake Singapore #Beachtemecake #HawaiianCake

Dive into the cuteness of this Aloha hawaiian beach theme cake.

You can see the sugar crafted figurine looks so beautiful, with her hawaiian dress and beach side sea shore design cake, truly this is one of our beautiful creation made with love and perfection.

25th Wedding Anniversary Theme Cake Singapore #weddingcake #anniversaycake

Lovely to celebrate the 25th wedding anniversary with this very beautiful white color with flowers and touch of gold colors. 

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Cakeinspiration supports Media Corp Babies on Board Chinese Drama 2018

We support Babies on Board Chinese Drama premiers last 7-5-2018 / 9pm to 10pm.
Our cake thomas and friends 3d cake for the celebrant was truly amazing.

Longevity Peach Cake Singapore #PeachCake #Longevitytheme

Longevity cake for good health, long life and prosperity.
Designs are really nice with flowers, crane and peaches.

Robocar Poli Boy Birthday Cake Singapore #RobocarpoliCake

Beep! Beep! The Robocar Poli is coming!

Take your cake to the best cake ever! Make a customized cake the kids will love. 

Monday, May 14, 2018

FEEDBACK: Special Cherry blossom customized cake for Mark's lovely wife

A beautiful smile from Mark's family as they celebrate mother's day for his wife.
We are so glad to be part of your sweet celebration. Thank you!

FEEDBACK: Minecraft choco crispies theme cake for Ken & Joe #feedback #satisfiedcustomer

Ken & Joe had a great blast birthday party with our Minecraft choco crispies customized cake.

We hope you enjoy the cake with your favorite theme. 

FEEDBACK: Under the sea theme with Mermaid 3d figurine 2 tier cake for birthday celebrant Rain #feedback #satisfiedcustomer

A beautiful moment on Rain special day, with our 3d customized cake!

"Thanks Yian, I sincerely appreciate the cake done for my girl’s 5th Birthday! It was a total success! Kudos! I’ve been ordering her cake with ya since last year, every single time, the cake seems to be a surprise to not only my girl and to me too!" - Jessica Ling

Cakeinspiration is so happy to see the celebrants wonderful happy smile, our 2 tier cake under the sea theme with mermaid 3d figurine was just perfect for her party! Thank you for trusting us.


Mermaid Dessert Table Cupcakes Theme Singapore #Desserttable #Cupcake

Under the sea theme cupcakes designed one by one. This looks so nice and the theme really is perfect for mermaid party! Great to dessert tables that everone will love.

FootBall Liverpool FC Sport theme Cake Singapore #Footballtheme

Football fans will love this cake! Liverpool FC fan celebrated his birthday with this theme that surely brings joy to him.

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Princess Castle Purple design theme Cake Singapore #Castlethemecake #PrincessCake

This is so beautiful! The Castle is curved to its shape and the figurines looks so pretty. They are made of sugar hand crafted and this is so nice to see. Girls theme with purple and pink are perfect.

Little Twin Star Pastel Color Theme Birthday Cake Singapore #TwinStarCake

Cuteness overload! This Little Twin Star cake is so adorable. Making this is not easy, the figurines should look like the real twin star characters and the color should match the theme. Perfect work indeed, and the taste is really good.

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Pokemon Boy Birthday Theme Cake Singapore #PokemonCake

One of the most popular character for boys birthday! Truly an excellent cake we have because it it so in demand we make many designs for customer's desired cakes.

Longevity 2 Tier Peach and Crane Cake Singapore #LongevityCake

Making sugar crafted peaches and crane is quiet difficult. as we used fondant by making it
and painted it using air-brushing technique.
choosing right colors for making cakes is really important.
the cherry blossoms is carefully molding by hands.
so every details is so important for this cake like the "shou" symbol 
on the center.

Friday, May 11, 2018

Sailor Boat Custom Figurine Theme Cake Singapore #SailorthemeCake #Boatthemcake

Ahoy! Sailors! This is so nice cake with sailor teddy bears. Figurine is special customized for the celebrant, and the elements are so nice. It makes the cake look outstanding and colorful.

Sailor Desert Table Cupcake Design Singapore #SailorCupcakes #Desserttable

Ahoy! Sailors! Look at these cupcakes, isnt it adorable?

All designs are sugar crafted and perfect for the theme you and your family will surely love.

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Dino with Eggs in Forest theme Cake Singapore #DinoCake #Forestthemecake

Cute Dino with the eggs, Celebrant we guess love dinosaur.

With a great hand crafted figurines and forest design. This is a cake with artistry and creativity. We invest our time to create such beauty like this for our customers.

Pink Tsum Tsum 1st Year Girl Birthday Cake Singapore #Tsumtsumcake #1styearcake

Cutest tsum tsum in Pink theme color fondant cake.

Look so lovely with pink ribbon, gold pearls and quilted design pattern. So perfect!

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Detective Top Secret Suitcase Favorite Things theme Cake Singapore #DetectiveCake

Look so interesting, this suitcase has a lot of mysterious top secret things inside. Really a unique theme for a birthday celebrant's cake.

Customized Figurine in Pink and Purple Girly theme Cake Singapore #Customizedfigurine

Super nice figurine! 

This is a special request from our customer, to make a customized figurine look like the celebrant itself. This looks awesome and the expression is so nice. The pink and purple pastel color made it even perfect for her.

Monday, May 7, 2018

Pokemon theme boy birthday buttercream cake Singapore #Pokemontheme #Pokemonball

All pokemon lovers, here's for you!

this cake is really simple , but the pokemon figurines and the colors are so nice.

Kids Playground Rustic Garden Theme Cake Singapore #RusticGardentheme #KidsPlaygroundtheme

Kiddie rustic garden playground theme is so cute! Look how the figurines are made. They are hand crafted with careful and artistry, the playground look so nice you can tell this is one of the best cake. The elements of rustic give the cake a beautiful effect. Truly a wonderful customized cake it is!

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Paw Patrol Tower, Dogs theme Cake Singapore #Pawpatrolcake

Paw patrol theme kids really love. The dog figurines and tower are inspired by the characters and are made of sugar hand crafted. This is really a popular cake we always make for kids.

2 Tier Floral Buttercream 7oth Birthday Theme Cake Singapore #Floraltheme #Buttercream

Colorful and vibrant this is a perfect display for buttercream cake decoration.

A 2 tier cake that is simple yet with very nice design all over the cake.

Saturday, May 5, 2018