Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Hmmmm .. chef how is this cake ? 3d cake cooking theme , stove , chef figurines , uniform , vegetables and cutleries . 3d cake concept by Sensational cake singapore

cooking theme cake singapore

sensational cake singapore

this was a featured cake , a special request for renown chef in Singapore , hence we are pressure internally to ensure this is a good quality not just the looks but also the taste .. itself 

we are glad we pass the limus test from the chef and it was very well received esp the design itself and composition of the cake and concept 

thank you 

Sensational cakes Singapore 

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

making of the cutiest Pony cake in Singapore , all animation comes alive from Sensational cake singapore : Pinkie PIE , best art cake from Singapore

sensational cake singapore

sensational cake singapore

will you agree with me this the cake every little girls love to have on their birthday ?
that is if they are a fan of PONY theme

we not just make the characters in figurines , we characterise our characters to comes alive , this is only possible with TRUE PASSION  and LOVE in the art of cake itself .

this is what we do we enjoy what we do , making the best and most awesome cake to awe everyone when they see it ...

it's got to be the bestest cake every received :-)

Love < sensational design team

Monday, August 22, 2016

Harry potter the curse child theme cake singapore , the cute dragons , the golden snitch , the magic wand , the harry potter spectacle , make this trulely a compolete and very delicate design harry potter theme cake everyone loved. sensational cake singapore . designing the meaning and story behind every cakes

dragon theme cake singapore . sensational cake singapore

harry potter cake singapore dragons theme cake

this is another cake favorite from my design team i will like to featured , harry potter with a twist of dragons and potter , all the elements of potter's theme spec , wand , book , the golden snitch , adding the school of magic and 2 cutest dragons 

all singular items seen on this art piece is done by hands of art with full details and illustrations 

Sensational cake singapore , challenging the definition and meaning of art cake . ..

making every dream coming true with expression in cake art ...

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Pink Chanel elegant cake PINK Black elegantly mix with white petal flower . Gold text and perfect design . cake every fine lady will love. sensational cake singapore . customized cakes

this is perfect example of petite simple yet elegant with perfection

simple yet elegant , 
simple but is difficult to make as it is so clean , any flaws in the art will be obvious , it take a master craft artist to do something like this , in sensational cakes , we are a team of expert in every field of cake art , and design . 

Saturday, August 20, 2016

The most beautiful sugar crafted Kyro-Ren figurine sugar art in the World ! look at the form and expression . cake by sensational cake Singapore . Star Wars Cake Singapore

sensational cake singapore

sensational cake singapore .

here is what we are really proud of , our anime character figurines , putting 100 % passion and art into the character , and this is the amazing results . 
it is not the look it is the expression that speak it all , happy birthday :-) ! 

sensational cakes sugar crafting 

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

pokemon craze all over Singapore , our very our " merlion - go " instead of POKEMON GO on Singapore National Day 2016

suddenly over the week , every corner and everywhere people are capturings monster from the POKEMON GO game , 
I know  it is coming but never expect this furious on the state it spread to everywhere at every level in Singapore 

on National day itself , out of fun , we decide to ZAP our very own Merlion ats it appears at CAKEINSPIRATION AT 253 JOO CHIAT ROAD 

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

number 1 3d cake singapore / pink polka dots butterflies theme cake for the 1st year celebration in Singapore

sensational cake singapore

simple yet elegant design with number 1 with polka dots design in tone of pink
daisy with butterflies perfect the cake design at the right places

Friday, August 12, 2016

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Chanel 2.55 theme inspired 3d cake with red roses lipstick and cosmetic sert # 3d cake singapore # sensational cake singapore # MAC kit cosmetic 3d cake set

sensational cake singapore

sensational cake singapore

this is wonderful design we did for a lady , it is black in design against the contrast of white and red , it is composed perfectly with roses and makeup kit ... 

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