Friday, June 30, 2017

Roses theme white shimmer and pearly cake singapore , perfect elegant cake for love ones and mummy . bow and ribbon cake singapore

this cake got lots of stuff going on , though it look clean elegant and perfect in every way 

the background is simplicity , the texture is pleated grid with careful assembly of the dragee for the pearly effect and frame in diamond belt and completed with elegant sugar white bow and silver crafted emblem 

the pastel tone for the roses is sweet and nice , from the picture i can even imagine the smell of roses .. 

this is the experience and effect we desire to achieve in this cake 

Sensational Cakes Team 

Thursday, June 29, 2017

alice in wonderland 3d bespoke cake singapore , enchanted theme cake singapore alice in wonderland theme birthday cake singapore , enchanted cake , best friend hatter , the white rabbit and queen of hearts, hatter and rabbit

this is a masterclass cake from sensational cakes 

the figurines ... the clock , the teapot , the assortment of colorful roses . 

all comes to life in the masterhand crafting work for this cake 

not just looking at the assembled composition 

but also the expression of each character which bought the theme and story to life 

amaxing , 

we should consider to have a process video taken for such amazing cakes 

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Longevity Cake for Grand event " KU So Food 141st Year Anniversary celebration ..

Was pleasantly surprised today when i flip the " Zhao Bao" this morning , on page p3 , the whole page listed an event " KU SO FOOD AND BEVERAGE ASSOCIATION " Celebration of 141st Anniversary Dinner , where several honorable F&B owners and chef is involved .. we are so honored to supply this year celebration cake for this Grand Event ... 

We are specialized to customized any concept and design cakes .
For assistance pls whatapps Yian 91903668 HP

[09:44, 6/28/2017] +65 9871 3806: our cake is featured for this grand event today 🙂 great job team !                        
[09:45, 6/28/2017] Liyanna Hp Part Time Cakeinspiration: Wow! Well done cakeinspiration!! 💓                        
[09:46, 6/28/2017] Jocee Phil Hp 28march16: ❤😍 Congrats team!                        
[09:46, 6/28/2017] +65 9871 3806: for chinese translation on the main page 3  , the people is Michelin Chef advisor from taiwan , owners of some biggest restaurant and caterer   from singapore include boon tong kee chinese rice , Kim resturant , select group and so many more, so our cake must have standard for these experts

Assortments of colors cake pop , silver , sparkle , pearly , shimmer effect over the chocolate , red velvet , vanilla cake pops , strawberries cake pops

we customized all sorts of cupcakes from outside design appearance , background textured till inside core and favors 

here is some samples what we supplied for the theme based pops at very economical price for theme based customization 

talk to our sales personal for any dessert table needs or cake pop reference needed 

91903668 HP 

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Hello Kitty De Pari 3d cake exclusive . hello kitty pink version with poodle and eiffel tower in power sweet pink with bow and ribbons designed 3d cake from Singapore . best sugar craftsman based in Singapore for all kinds of customization and lifestyle cakes

this is really very sweet and cute concept for hello kitty cake 

the elements we design for this cake is eiffel tower all drawn and carved . 
the cute poodle and ms kitty on w a stroll in the park 

the cake is assemble neatly in pink stripe against white based , 

and plenty plenty if rose buds from findont 

it is just the signature of kitty patterns and styling 

Monday, June 26, 2017

my little pony 3d cake singapore , fireman pony , pink unicorn 3d cake singapore , cakes for cute princesses . best 1st birthday cake singapore, specialized for cake customization singapore

Here is a cute version of popular theme unicorn craze that is going on around our island 

this new edition is primary with pink , a figurines of pink unicorn w fireman hat 

lots of clouds bunting , sweet birthday for the 1st birthday party 

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Amazing customized figurines 3d cake - Human figurine cake singapore , flora theme bespoke designer cake singapore

This cake is really a looker , it is customized base don request to have the girls to look as it is

we design this cake in flowers , every single one is handcrafted , to have this perfection in a cake

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Rolex Oyster Perpetual 3d watch in special customized box -rolex cake singapore , bespoke 3d cake singapore

watch for the finer details of this cake , i must say this is quite a rendition of the real Rolex itself
the cake inside is cake and the real is sugar ..

and a lot of ART and Patience

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

sugar crafted PORORO theme cake singapore pororo penguin standing cake singapore # amazing detail figurine with expression # 1st birthday cake w boy Singapore # cupcakes # friends # parties# PORORO KOREAN CARTOON # CAKE SINGAPORE # DRUM DESIGN # 1ST BIRTHDAY CAKE # SINGAPORE # BABY 1ST MONTH # CHRISTENING # FULL MONTH # 1ST BIRTHDAY CAKE # YELLOW AND BLUE DRUM # MUSICAL THEME CAKE SINGAPORE #BABY SHOWER CAKE

here is very nice sugar crafted version of the pororo theme 3d cake 

this is very famous korean theme character , recently having a play theme ground at marina square . 

we were invited to be the cake supplier as they were very impressed with our sugar crafted work for all the characters 

little prince and the fox .. 3d cake ... a classic tale and friendship of prince and fox from French folklore ... Customized cake singapore . children cake and all celebrated cakes .

this is a warming piece of work for a tale from France .. 

it is animated story of little prince and fox friend 

Monday, June 19, 2017

Galaxy planet theme cake singapore

this is special rocket theme with the galaxy on the background 

foer this design it is different from our usual fondant , it is done in cream and pipe and smoothen , the effect is pretty good and neat 

the planets is all diff colors and customized 

Hope u like this cake 

Sunday, June 18, 2017

2 tier trolls cake singapore , flora and pastel theme with rainbow and full sugar crafted details

Here is another amazing NEW theme we love very much , it is not the onion head , but the TROLLS 

this is really cool and close rendition of the character herself ...

it is not just the way she looks , but more importantly the expression ..., 

which becoming a signature hallmark for our brands of children cakes 

can you imagine , every colors is carved and prepared separately , even for the flowers from her hair 
the eye balls . the fingers 

how the layers of names is carved separately yet compressed together 

this artwork is not easily imitated from any artist locally 

this is what is our worth and standard for a lively cake 

personalize yet alive with the theme ...

strawberry Cream drip cake

Saturday, June 17, 2017

cute 2 tier monkey and animals friends 1st year birthday cake singapore

watch close to full details , all the cute animals is carved from fondant and assembled by art ...

the main figurines is really nice too 

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Longevity cake singapore , Mr Shuo 寿星公 birthday cake , best longevity cake Singapore

this is by far the best longevity cake with 寿星公 handcrafted to such details and expression . 

it is impeccable on the finest and details which we are all very proud of ...

the design is with elements of golden mountain and tie shu , a kind of tree from China symbolizes long life , long life , long life 

this cake will definitely make the senior so very pleased

also to mentioned , our cake is not sweet and crater for the taste bud of seniors 

like us know how you want the cake inside

all can be customized 

sweet classic Hello Kitty design , 3d cake , full handcrafted figurines and design cake

this is very classic design done from us since many year ago , what strike me on this cake design is the figurines and arrangement , it is good despite years gone by ...

Saturday, June 10, 2017

welcome to Singapore / Cakeinspiration / Sensational cakes to our Japanese Tourist Friends Cakeinspiration Singapore / 253 Joo Chiat Road 427507

we are located along the tourist belt at 253 JOO CHIAT ROAD 

From time to time , our display will attract many tourists friends , this is students from Japan 

a welcoming pose with our crew .. 

welcome to our humble shop !