Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Keroppi Frog theme cake Singapore - with fruits and figurines ( Hasunoue)

Here our latest Keroppi Frog . Green and cute , we decorate with many of colorful fondant fruits , yummy :-) 

Money , Money Money - Cake Singapore , Currency , Gold pot , Golden coins cake , dollar bills cake Singapore , Gold Bars Cakes Singapore

Everything you see is about Money and Gold in this cake , the Lucky boy Melvin must be " Huat Ah "

Feedback : "
Hi Yian Ching,

The money cake was lovely ! It was the highlight of the entire luncheon.
Thanks again for the great cake. 

All the best,

Spong bob square pants 3D cake( Singapore ) , Model and Carve in Cake Singapore

This cute little fella after completed , we find him so cute that we are reluctant to deliver it ..
the effect were really stunning , we added the little black boots , it was all sooooooo... cute ..

no bad for a 1st attempt :-) enjoy !

LV Suite Case / Hand Bag/ Bag Cake Singapore : Latest version / Brown Printed / Designer Cake

So far our biggest venture into Suite case with a Bag laid above .. 

the challenges was the lines and each pieces color blended together , each side pieces is carefully stitch engraved .. for the stunning ever .. 

These are actually 2 cake wrapped precisely , notice the handle of handbag , the geometry was precisely carve in a pair and dry in advance before sticking into the bag .. 

was a very special Birthday cake for Lovely Asha , this was the best cake ever for her , we are all so glad our effort was all worth it .. 

here is some art pieces for your viewing pleasure :-) 

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

feedback : thomas train 3D in real size , proportion ( cake Singapore)

This happens to be one of our latest attempt to make this wonderful theme for little Clyde , 2nd Birthday 

Though as a first attempt , we are really please ourselves on the results and effect .. 

the proportion was carefully studied , and parts ready , the face is important to prepare in advance .. 
everything's got to look really good for Clyde , though we spend longer , but it was worth it :-) 

Feedback from dad Savid : " Thank you for delivering such a spectacular Thomas the Tank Engine cake yesterday. The kids all wanted to dip their fingers into the cake straight away! :) We'll send you some pictures when we've sorted them out. 
The cake was exactly what it in my mind ! Fabulous details to Thomas triangle eyebrow 


FEEDBACK : Plants/ zombies / angry / Birds / Pigs cake Singapore , cannot make up you mind , all in one cake

Here is a wonderful feedback and cake i want to share with you : 

From Vera : 

The cake is wonderful!!!! 

Millions of thanks!!!!

From Vera Sim & Family