Friday, December 30, 2016

Saturday, December 17, 2016

gudetama 3D cake singapore . story of a depressed egg yolk , made in singapore , 3D fondant art Singapore , cafe and cakes

I wasn't sure what is this character when was asked to "customized " this cake ..

till i see the cafe at suntec today with such long que .....

amazed , i read more about this NEW character , of a depress egg yolk made in Japan ..

best friend of the bacon and egg shell to cover from his depression

is making such an impact on all the merchandise ...

well we make this 3d character cake , it is pretty cute and interesting to share

Friday, December 16, 2016

streets theme 3d cake singapore - Amazing formation cakes with all elements of 80's HipHop Break dance era ... a master piece 3d cake of very good standard ( sensational cakes singapore )

At 1st glance this cake looks pretty natural , colorful . 

but it is a real creation and masterpiece in the making process .

the sizing and assembly to scale of all elements on a cake of good proportion is a challenge , this is clear example how we did it 

the elements the shoes , the turntable , the radio , Headphone and cap with musical notes 
wow , all of these craft in perfect design and proportion , this is a desirable cake with i am sure brighten the day and put a smile for everyone 

Thursday, December 15, 2016

21st Birthday cake Singapore - customized character personalize cake with all the hobbies and love for a Girl

This was a special cake design and customized for a young lady Soo Pin Turn 21st , all her favorites , the love for home , friends , laptop IPADs makeup , reading,  flowers , Movies and pop-corns were not miss out 

be well , be Blessed Soo Pin :-) 

Wednesday, December 14, 2016


i am so happy when i see this cake , it is so vibrant in colors and all the cute characters with their personality and characters to watch .

to make it to live , it is another story , to capture all the happiness and expression . this is indeed a masterpiece which takes longer time to get all the every small details

from each handcrafted characters to text and fonts , all done by hand specifically , after the cake is formed in shape the assembly and decoration of the face itself over the cake is most challenging task fort this cake , the speed and precision is highly demanded ..

well it is a masterpiece from Sensational cakes after the hard work

this cake a amazing and wow by All whom seen it live

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Red Rose Petal Ruffles embedded with Gold anniversary celebration cake . spectacular Wedding and Anniversary cake Singapore

This is a special selected wedding cake petite but absolutely elegant , there is quite a piece of work as well , as it is done petal by petal by fondant of the size size to and ruffle to get the effect as seem .

red w gold is always one of my personal favorite combination 

Nice ! 

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Finally here in Singapore , Princess Moana 3d Cake Singapore . 3D sugar craft birthday cake figurines of Moana Maui . Princess theme birthday cake singapore , hawaiiam Tiki Maui theme birthday cake singapore . aloha theme birthday beach party cake .

It is finally here , the latest princess character long awaited for .
for my design team we are excited to craft the characters of this movie to make it comes alive in the art sense ..,

I am very proud to present our latest artwork featuring the latest hawaiian Princess and her good Friend

I am personally very pleased with the realism effects over the facial expression and particularly the " TATTOOS " over MAUI's body

the character just comes alive

this is a artwork

of sugar craft of perfection from Sensational Cakes artwork team .

i personally think this is a standard so good that it is hard to come close .

we will be happy to create the perfect Moana theme birthday cake for you ...

Thursday, December 1, 2016

KUNG FU PANDA 3D CAKE SINGAPORE . Poo on balancing art for the 3d Panda cake Singapore . best sugar crafted cake singapore . Tigress

this is a master art work based on POO with many bowls and balance on 1 feet , this is sugar crafted figurines . shows the extend of details we go to make our creation alife . 
the details for the rest of the cake is no spared , the wall of cake w forest design is complete with this cake 

Perfect 10 !

wishing all friend and fans Happy 2017 !!