Friday, July 21, 2017

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  1. Hi, I am looking for a gender reveal cake for 4 Nov. My client likes the Harry Potter Sorting Hat one that you features + coloured (blue or pink) M&M inside like in: You might need to adapt the wordings on the ribbon below the hat to suit the theme. Expected number of guests 6-8pax. Please call us at 63770743 and one of my colleagues will be able to tell you more.

  2. Hi I am looking for baby tv cake for 80 pks, kindly give me the estimate.

  3. Hi,I would like to order a ninja turtle cake for my boy's 6th birthday on 30-June. Can provide me with any previous designs and estimated cost.

  4. Hi, would like to check the estimated cost for the Minnie Mouse cake under the girl theme. Please advise the cost for it.

  5. Hi can I know the price of this design?

  6. Hi I would like to order a we bare bear cake for 6 pax. Please provide the cost and the available designs. Thks.

  7. Hi, I dropped you an email from Community Foundation of Singapore yesterday. Could you kindly check and reply? Thanks!

  8. Hi. I adore the Spongebob cakes that you have creatively baked. May I ask what would the smallest size be? The available flavours and the price? Thanks a zillion.

    1. Kindly email me at Thanks.