Monday, August 22, 2016

Harry potter the curse child theme cake singapore , the cute dragons , the golden snitch , the magic wand , the harry potter spectacle , make this trulely a compolete and very delicate design harry potter theme cake everyone loved. sensational cake singapore . designing the meaning and story behind every cakes

dragon theme cake singapore . sensational cake singapore

harry potter cake singapore dragons theme cake

this is another cake favorite from my design team i will like to featured , harry potter with a twist of dragons and potter , all the elements of potter's theme spec , wand , book , the golden snitch , adding the school of magic and 2 cutest dragons 

all singular items seen on this art piece is done by hands of art with full details and illustrations 

Sensational cake singapore , challenging the definition and meaning of art cake . ..

making every dream coming true with expression in cake art ...

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