Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Christian Theme Cake for Alvin - Bible Verse Isiah 40:13, Sports Medallion , Medal Theme 3D Cake

Hi , am proud to present our latest cake , in fact we found so much energy and peace while getting inspired from the Biblical Verse itself

31 but those who hope in the LORD 
   will renew their strength. 
They will soar on wings like eagles; 
   they will run and not grow weary, 
   they will walk and not be faint.

Thank You Jac and Mei for letting us this privileged to glorify the Lord thru our inspired Cakes .. 

This is where our inspiration begins ! 

The Cake was inspired from the request to make a gold medal , to be very specific , the bible verse needs to be included and knowing the receiver Alvin is a runner , athletic in Tracks and field , so a Track ( Red) Theme will be meaningful , so an ideal of Medallion in ( Yellow) crest with the Bible verse and Track to fill in the strap portion will be ideal , hence the cake decoration begins ...

The side was decorated with stars which we think is appropriate..  

On the Medallion Portion , we soften the Theme with uses of RED and Pink handcrafted Fondant Roses , this brings the Verse out .. the green leave added to special touch of peace ..
we experiment with 2 thick fondant twist crest surround to enhance the whole 3 D effect ...
Glad Mei love this ..

This is how it look from the TOP view , the fondant is carefully crafted to ensure lines are perfectly straight for simple looking cake . 

we deploy very contrasting color to give the RETRO effect , orange text on pale blue and RED tracks ...

Here is a nice view ! pls forgive me on the cake board size .. 
the cake was mean for 6 inch , however we decided to upside it to 7 inch consider the background of order and we really love this cake we did ...:-) 

so the cake board was really at it's edge ...

This is surely one of happiest cake we decorate .. thank you ... Sensational Cakes and Team ..
" Bringing you every day a unique and inspired Cakes "  

Sunday, March 27, 2011

BMW Theme Cakes , Tire Cake 3D cake Singapore

BMW Theme Cakes , Tire Cake 3D cake Singapore

Sport Theme Cake for Coach Chew , Alvin - Stop Watch , Whistle , Athletic Theme Cake Singapore

Sport Theme Cake for Coach Chew , Alvin - Stop Watch , Whistle , Athletic Theme Cake Singapore

Hi ,

we are proud to present this special cake , it is a 3D sport theme cake with a few key designs , we uses the facial pictures of Coach and Alvin on the background with Rainbow , on the side the "memories" of the team was frame in Gold in nostalgia path . as a whole the cake with fondant covered in field Green , was carefully blended with Red and white track depict of running theme , it we join in 2 plane to provide 3D elevated effects .

the pebbles was done nicely cut out in precision on the white and grey patch on 2 planes .. the highlight was the Whistle and classical Stop watch painted in Gold ... all 100% edible . enjoy :-)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Prototyping 3D NIKON SLR D7000 CAMERA cakes Singapore

Hi ,

found this camera which is very interesting for me , instead of getting ONE , i decide to make one , with a cake that is , the cake is make from sponges cake using Indonesian Lapis recipe with lots of Yolks , this enable a better taste , natural egg thick fragrance and most importance it give a pact substance for carving of cake as of Mud Cake ..

for this round, personally i think the FORM is ok , the details i add in as much as possible . however , on the finesse there much room for improvement ..  certainly SLR Cake will be better and easier the next round .. So what do you think ?

The next camera , i will go for a classic LUMIX compact SLR or a NIKON FM 10 cake :-) 

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Tiger Theme Cake 3D design, Cupcake Singapore , 1st Year for Pacer

Dear all ,
we are proud to share our TIGER theme cake , we personally like it very much .
the color was well match and our attempt on the figurine turns out to be better than expected .
we selected leave and rainbow to brighten the whole cake - we sure hope Pacer and Family will love this wonderful cake and have a blessed Birthday !

we added Some Cup Cakes for this Theme as well ! :-)