Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Money , Money Money - Cake Singapore , Currency , Gold pot , Golden coins cake , dollar bills cake Singapore , Gold Bars Cakes Singapore

Everything you see is about Money and Gold in this cake , the Lucky boy Melvin must be " Huat Ah "

Feedback : "
Hi Yian Ching,

The money cake was lovely ! It was the highlight of the entire luncheon.
Thanks again for the great cake. 

All the best,

Spong bob square pants 3D cake( Singapore ) , Model and Carve in Cake Singapore

This cute little fella after completed , we find him so cute that we are reluctant to deliver it ..
the effect were really stunning , we added the little black boots , it was all sooooooo... cute ..

no bad for a 1st attempt :-) enjoy !

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

feedback : thomas train 3D in real size , proportion ( cake Singapore)

This happens to be one of our latest attempt to make this wonderful theme for little Clyde , 2nd Birthday 

Though as a first attempt , we are really please ourselves on the results and effect .. 

the proportion was carefully studied , and parts ready , the face is important to prepare in advance .. 
everything's got to look really good for Clyde , though we spend longer , but it was worth it :-) 

Feedback from dad Savid : " Thank you for delivering such a spectacular Thomas the Tank Engine cake yesterday. The kids all wanted to dip their fingers into the cake straight away! :) We'll send you some pictures when we've sorted them out. 
The cake was exactly what it in my mind ! Fabulous details to Thomas triangle eyebrow 


FEEDBACK : Plants/ zombies / angry / Birds / Pigs cake Singapore , cannot make up you mind , all in one cake

Here is a wonderful feedback and cake i want to share with you : 

From Vera : 

The cake is wonderful!!!! 

Millions of thanks!!!!

From Vera Sim & Family

Monday, March 19, 2012

Feedback : Angry Birds Formula one birthday cake Singapore well love by all ...

Feedback : 

Hello Yian Ching, 
Hope all is good.
I attach 2 photos from Roman’s birthday.
Apologies, I couldn’t send more as all the pictures have his friends in it and I don’t know how comfortable the parents are if I send them on to a third party.
Roman, his friends and teachers were all in awe over the cake and one little girl astonishingly pointed out that the white angry bird was missing !!! Everyone loved the cake J
I’ll have to book you for next year too !!!! 

Feedback : Ming Hui 21st Birthday cake Singapore , special 2 Tier cake / wedding cake celebration / royal purple with purple bow Cake Singapore )

Feedback : 

Thanks for delivering the beautiful cake promptly to my daughter yesterday.
Everyone at Ming Hui's party is "wow" by the cake. 
You've done a fantastic job.

This was a present from a Father , Mr Tan to his daughter Ming , we love this design the father had chosen and were really please we did a fabulous job for this cake , we love the lace and neat lines on this fabulous cake, mission accomplished ! 
Happy Birthday Ming ! 

FEEDBACK : PATRICK DOG / Anniversary Cake Singapore / Big Red Dog / 21st Birthday

Feedback : 

the cake is delicious.
Thank you so much for putting in the effort to create this wonderful cake.