Tuesday, February 28, 2017

lavender ombre ruffles cake singapore # 13th birthday cake singapore # floral cake singapore

it is quite common to have a cream based ruffles design cake , but have it fondant meaning it can goes thinner , nicer but more work .

especially if it is ombre , meaning we need to mix white every layer to perfect the ombre effect 

writing the text in whimsical fonts perfect the design instead use of stencil 

Sunday, February 26, 2017

black jack theme 3d cake # mahjong theme 3d cake singapore # casino theme cake singapore # MBS # genting # #birthdaycake singapore

special gambling theme cake request , it is red / green and black against the white of a typical table color 

the common game of mahjong and black jack all expressed in the birthday cake 

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

cute anime princess 3d cake # sugar crafted figurines @ beauty and beast cake singapore # ariel mermaid # cinderella # snow white # princess yasmin # belle

wow , this is our anime version of the 6 princess 
very kawaii 

, the new movie , beauty and the beast will be in town soon , i am sure it will quite a stir ...in Singapore 

this is a pink 2 tier cake with all the favorite princesses all crafted with sugar fondant from our very skills and talented team 

Sunday, February 19, 2017

tiffany blue box with white Bow 3d cake singapore # gift box theme birthday cake # ski set birthday cake singapore

this is mean to be a very big surprise with all the candles lined up and set to go 

it is a combination of tiffany blue against white cross bow and ribbons , 
with her pair of favorite white ski

Happy Birthday ! 

Saturday, February 18, 2017

007 spectre 3d cake singapore # james bond cake singapore # spiral black and white design cake singapore

this is 007 theme cake for a birthday party

i will like to share some details for the design itself 

the color is black in general 
the difficult part is the calculation for the spiral white lines and align it by hand precision for the spiral effect to complete 

this is a challenge for the very good and not so good artist 

Friday, February 17, 2017

real life 3d art sugar camera 3d cake # DSLR CAKE SINGAPORE # NIKON # CANON # EOS CAMERA theme 3d design cake singapore

this cake was done some time last year , it is one the better version for the DSLR replica , it has very good proportion and details 

proportion for the 3d alike design is especially challenging 

this sugar camera has a pretty good details all over front back led etc ..

this camera theme cake was decorate with theme of having life precious moments surrounding the cakes for Carl 

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

special brownies with Belgium chocolate toppings # special gourmet picks # blackout

this was a set of special brownies prepared for company celebrations

it is truly delicious esp when it was still hot from oven , the ganache perfectly brings the best of the chocolate cupcakes

Thursday, February 9, 2017

white swan lilies 24th anniversary cake # singapore # wedding cake # white simple elegant cake # sensational cakes singapore

all our creation is handcrafted pastries , yes 
this includes the lilies and pair of swan 

it is imperative we make the lilies really thin to make it feel real 
the layout is perfect w pair of swans and lilies for this cake itself 

a classic and vintage piece .
love this design of old , it is how the older cakes were done on the craft is done based on the skills and details 

modern wedding cakes tends to "trick the eye " with textures , watercolor combination which constantly neglected the cake craft itself 

love this cake 

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

a real gourmet treats . brandy and baileys cupcakes . cupcakes for cocktail party

besides the 3d cake we did , we have a kitchen and special chef session which specialized into french gourmet pastries 

here is an occasion where corporate order for mix of brandy and baileys favored cupcakes 

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

pearly pink wedding cake # 21st birthday cake singapore # pastel pink 2 tier elegant looking cake singapore # anniversary cake 100th day

this cake celebrates 100th day in wedding , love is good and strong going 

this was simple yet contemporary design for a elegant cake 
pastel never fail w simple big bow and drape with grid checks pearly designs 

Monday, February 6, 2017

fast car # bling bling # condo 3d cake singapore # celebrates successful ladies 3d cake singapore # woman of the year celebrates 3d cake

love this cake , this is a cake celebrates female character , favorites items house and convertible 

do take special note if the figurine , the hair and the building 

we design in the way to give a 3d aerodynamic feel in the making depicts how fast the driver was ...

Sunday, February 5, 2017

BARNYARD THEME 3D CAKE SINGAPORE # red barnyard # animals farm theme cake singapore # children cake singapore # best customized cake in Singapore celebrates by all # best sugar experts singapore for cakes and pastries

this was a very nice and warm barnyard cake we did back in 2015 ...

all the animals friends all there , cow , piglets , moo , doggie , little lamp 

and all ..

the hay and barn give the farm touch ..
it is quite a perfect and complete design for this special theme ...

Saturday, February 4, 2017

SING THEME BIRTHDAY CAKE SINGAPORE # MRS PIG # GORILLA # KOALA # MR ELEPHANT # super realistic 3d sugarcraft design cake with LIVE stage for special 3d Birthday cake

needs to explain more , this is latest cartoon attraction , 

all character is sugar crafted , the stage inside is delicious cake wrapped in fondant and crafted to stages as it is , the text and font is added , the musical note pipe in buttercream , the spot light and let the musical begins 

the theater drapes adds to the theme 


Friday, February 3, 2017

vintage while 3 tiers wedding cake singapore # customized figiurines bride and groom with red big sugar roses # hand painting pattern wedding cake singapore # best wedding cake singapore # wedding cake maker you do not want to miss

we pride ourselves for our storytelling cakes which brings all the joy , meaning and memories to so many of our friends .

this cake was customized based on the exact gowns of the wedding brides holding the champagnes and we want it simple yet elegant with the crafted sugar roses 

this design does not have fancy stencils or templates , it is all HANDCRAFTED AND PAINTED for the simplicity and hand feel in a simple yet elegant wedding cake for the family ..

we want to make every wedding cake classic and memorable 

Thursday, February 2, 2017

briefcase with loads of cash and money 3d cake singapore # suitcase with bills and diamonds cake for daddy cake singapore

what a daddy love most ???

1. money 
2. champaign 
3. diamonds ruby red 
4. 1000 dollars bills 

all dad dream comes true 

it is only possible because buy this cake for daddy ...

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

How to order a Customized cake ?

Hi There :-)

Thanks for your inquiry for our products .

We may be busy right now baking your fabulous cake and unable to attend to your needs

In order to expedite my respond to you , kindly assist on the basic inform below :

Cake Customization Request 

Delivery Note : 

*Delivery service inclusive for orders ( 10 am - 4pm includes 2 hr grace period from requested time ** subjected to seller availability ) for orders above  $160 /- on a single trip
* Delivery info Must be confirmed 48 hrs before delivery
* A booking is encouraged as we have limited slots esp on weekends , slots avail will be confirmed upon booking . standard booking will be 2-3 weeks advance . For urgent delivery , pls call me to review directly 91903668 HP 

About us in Wedding Cakes / Events Customization 
We are currently a main con to few key established player based on Singapore .Our chef were featured on local fashion magazine for wedding cakes creation. 

We are a team of players experience from 5 star hotels as well as award winning pastry chef for wedding cake design . 

We started this wedding operation to cut the retail cost and selling  direct online to direct customer and focus on corporate supplies  . 

what we assure and offer is top class wedding cake not just in terms of visual but also based on our award winning recipe for choc , and red velvet selection .

ref corporate customers includes brands like 

Bossini , Etude House , Today's , SPH , LION corp , NuffNang , HP and many more ...

for further assistance pls let me know 
lastly , thanks for your support and liking our cakes ..

God blessed you and Family :-)  

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Yian and Team

handsome doctor 3d cake singapore # stethoscope theme doctor cake singapore # hot red and orange ombre polka dot cake singapore # in a heartbeat cake # specialist for human sugar art customization based in Singapore # cake professional

doctor's design cake with  stethoscope

all sugar , all customized