Thursday, November 24, 2011

Beyblade Fusion Masters : GALAXY PEGASUS VS. RAY UNICORN Cake Singapore

A Old Design remake : we are please to revise and renew our previous version of 2 Tier Bey blade whiich surprisingly still in request , we notice the blue and white is a good combination , we further enhance our line work and colors combination , though simple , but you can see the good quality and simplicity of this wonderful remake ... 

Classic Book Cake Singapore / Diary Cake/ Wedding Ring Cake / Anniversary CakeSingapore

This is a revised Version of our popular Anniversary Cake , this time - we make the cake more " Classic " with our careful selection of book cover and cake board colored . we just Love it !!! 

in additon for the fun of it , we include a pair of wedding ring , forgive me it is in white as we are short of time to paint them gold , however we include a set of imported diamond candy on the wonderful pair of wedding rings .... 

FEEDBACK : A BIRDS 3D CAKE FOR JERRON , courtesy from MABEL NG ( A Birds 3D cake Singapore )

FEEDBACK : " Hi Yian Ching,

As promised, attached is my son's photo for your blog.

Thank you so much for making this cake as it really make my son's birthday a wonderful and unforgettable one. He is so delighted when he sees the cake and keep saying so nice. 

Really thanks for your effort. It is really a piece of art.

Thank you

Hey you see the red apple beside the pig ??

Tiger Theme Birthday Cake / 1st Year celebration Cakes Singapore

This is our latest version of Tiger Theme 1st Year Birthday cake from Brandon , we love the new elements added , spot the differences ... key to this cake soft , colorful and cute ...

Wedding Cake Singapore - Special well wishes to Teacher Irene and Husband Jon

We are very pleased to share this lovely cake for our Children's Teacher Irene and Hubby , Jonathan .. this is our first attempt to do angry bird in Wed version .. we soften the usual ANGRY Expression , in fact i find the male bird a bit nerdy ... and look like center parting ... 

we added the wedding ring with candy crystal diamonds , ( we got clear / pink / black onyx color candy diamond imported ) 

we added RED roses to make the cake more romantic .. since Xmas is around the corner , we figure it would be a good ideal to add snow crystalline snow flakes for this wonderful theme ... 

Dear Irene : This is our most sincere gratitude for your dedication to guide our 3 kids wishes from our Family and God Blessed .. 

3D A Bird Cake , Hex Design

We love particularly the Hex floor Grid colors of PINK, ORANGE , AND BLUE . this was inspired by my Son school logo design SST ... 

we love also the mixed of red green and white which probably due to Xmas is drawing really closed , and we love the white black contrast on the wall ...

sorry if you are a BIG GAME fan of Angry bird itself , we surely came customized a original WAR Theme Angry Bird cake , However , we felt take for birthday , we love to customized  a variation and personality to our cakes not just mere angry birds like the game , we really wanted it to be very personal and special birthday cake for you and your special BIG Day ...

Hermes Bag Cake Singapore ( Handbag / Purse) ( color : Orange / Mustard Yellow / Pink )

we are glad to share our first attempt to make this wonderful designed , Hermes Birkin Bag , the dimension is length 20 cm .. the color was orange , we love the stunning contrast , and matching Violet  Roses ... 

we pride this cake on it precise dimension and joins , every corners and edges is perfectly aligned . as compared to Bag itself , we wanted to give some substance on the sponge cake inside as well . for the actual cake is longer , less volume and more skin, we need to consider the practically itself this is still ultimately a Birthday cake for Mum , and lovely wife .. 

however , this stir a pretty good interest for us to experiment with a bigger version next time ...

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Corporate Cake Singapore , 3D themed - Printer Cartridge Cake Modeling , a Grand Celebration cake for the company

The Name of the company is blocked due to customer request . However I would like to show this wonderful work we did .. 

we are proud to share this beautiful creation we did lately , we are indeed to be selected partner for this celebration cake for the company's 1,00,000,000 cartridge in production . 

as this is a corporate cake , we want to keep it the lining simple but yet keeping the grandeur .. we emphases on the 3D cartridge and graphics on cake board which we did 100 % by hand and align to stunning visual . we love the simplicity and color combined .. 

don't be mistaken , the cartridge is edible sugar art 

till date, we are proud to share we have a good support from corporate with their celebration cakes , thanks for the challenges and support ! 

FEEDBACK : A- BIRD 3d cake Singapore for Jaeden

we are glad to share this wonderful Feedback for Jaeden's cake , in fact when we received this request , we try to be make careful as the request is very specific and we wanted to customized the best we could to make Jaeden Birthday really special .. " Please design your cake that include golden eggs, and with red, blue, green & yellow as main colours." 

we are glad not only we did not fail but had make a good impression of this cake design .. 

From Dear Jo and Yulia : " Dear Yian Ching,

Thank you for you and your team's effort in making Jaeden's Birthday cake. We liked the taste, softness and freshness. It's not too sweet. Our guests liked and were impressed with the Angry Birds cake. It's very detail too. The children were very excited to touch & eat the cake.Some of our friends asked your contact which we gave to them. 

Thank you.

Mrs Lim