Thursday, June 28, 2012

FEEDBACK : Liverpool Cake Singapore , ( Debby )

FEEDBACK : Liverpool Cake Singapore , ( Debby )

Feedback : "
Hi Yian Ching
Wanted to thank you for the wonderful Cake that you baked. My husband absolutely loved it and raved about it. We had 70 pax at our bar party and I gave out your website to a lot of pple, I am sure you will have new orders soon.
Have enclosed some pictures which you can use if you want to.
Thanks again.

NEW Version Farm Theme Cake Singapore / Barnyard Theme cake Singapore , Customized Figurine / Rabbits / Puppy / Pigglets / chicks / Piggy / Fresh Fruits / Strawberry / Cow / Barnyard Theme Cake Singapore Tel:91903668/

Love this new version , lots of work and lords of details .. special cake for Jayrius .. 

Angry Bird cake Singapore / Premium Round Version / Angry Birds / Pig/ King

Here is a Premium version / upgraded and improved .. look closely at the characters ! they are all edible !! ( Tel:91903668/)

Handsome Kor Kor / Big Brother Cake Singapore / Casino Theme / Hobbies theme cake / IPAD Cake / Manjong Theme Cake Singapore / Sport theme Cake Singapore / Badminton Cake Singapore

well , this is a very special cake for a very special "Kor" meaning " Brother " in Hokkien .. 
was also told he is a teacher , love KFC , Love Manjong , Love listen to Music , Badminton , socer , IPAD .. well we love to make your day Kor Kor , here is the cake which have everything :-) !!! 

Wonderful Feedback , NINJAGO 3D CAKE SINGAPORE ( Connor and Brothers )

Glad to share this wonderful feedback from a recent NINJA Cake , this is a bigger fondant edible version of White Ninja 
Feedback : " Dear Yian Ching
Wow what an amazing cake! 
Connor and his brothers thought it was just the coolest cake ever!!
Thank you for all your hard work, we will definitely be in-touch for our next special occasion.
Warm Regards, Sarah & Connor

**( Tel:91903668) 

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

PORORO Cupcakes Singapore / POBY BEAR CAKE SINGAPORE / POKOYO cakeSingapore ( the little penguin , Crong, Eddy, Poby, Loopy, Petty , Harry )

Here is our version of PORORO and Friends cupcake set of 6 pack for Chloe / Tel:91903668/

Smurf Cake Singapore / Papa / smurfette/ Lazy / Clumsy Cake / Cupcakes Singapore

This is our latest garden theme , we are realism to this cake by Giant shrooms and added many new colors as well .. well it is a fantastic 2 Tier cake which delights everybody on the party / Tel:91903668/)

Sonic Space Cake Singapore / BEN / Sonic Hedge Dog Cake Singapore ( Sonic the Hedgehog (ソニック・ザ・ヘッジホッグ, Sonikku za Hejjihoggu)


This is a solid 3D 2 tiered Sonic theme with our little Ben .. well his hair is really this cute :-) 

Don't be mistaken these were space rings not cheese rings :-) 
and I would say this cake is gorgeous/ Tel:91903668/


Here is a cute hamster pet for a birthday cake for little Rachael :-) 
/ Tel:91903668/

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Naughty Cakes Singapore / Hen's night Singapore cake

This is a cake version for the theme  , what can i say , i try to make it fun and cute and every ways .. the zebra strips make a stake contrast for the occasion . 

Doraemon cake Singapore /21st Birthday / Malay Couple with Traditional dress cake Singapore Happy Birthday Anis

This is a special cake from old friend , last year we did a diary book cake , that was a long time ago , this year I wanted to do special very special for the couple , is to have their favorite character Doraemon feature with themselves , i must say this is a sweet version with the couple .. :-) 

also to explain , our ingredient   is free from pork and lard , we are very sensitive about this for our Muslim friend 

Dinosaurs 3D Cake Singapore / Dinosaurs Train cake Singapore / TREX Cake Singapore

The picture tell it all , it is an absolute fun and fabulous cake , we customized the image for Jadon with his favorite TREX and dinosaurs , we added the eggs and volcano to bring us back to pre-historic .. 

Ninjago 3D cake Singapore / Giant White Ninja for Julian

This is another version we did for white ninja , this time it is standing tall and ball .. take a closer look .. it is not the toy , but a hand carve edible version of Ninja .. 

Madagascar 3 cake Singapore 3D cake : Europe's Most Wanted/ topper /

Yep, we are ready to make a ready solid version for this 3D cake , Europe most wanted ..
That a close look at the edible characters we did for this cake ...:-)

every character is carve from fondant , different layers for different color , love the penguin too .. 
would love put them on 3D crate cake design 
what we did .. 

sample layout of cake 
will be happy to customized this theme for you 

Monday, June 4, 2012

D7000 - DSLR Nikon 3D Camera Cake Singapore ( Cannon / Lumix / Leica Camera Cake Singapore )

Here's our latest of the D7000 DSLR camera .. I mean a cake ( edible camera ) the cake was skillfully crafted to full specification and lovely .. ism't it ??

Some Feedback : " 

sesame streets Elmo 3D cake Feedback , cake for Annabelle( Cake Singapore )

Love these wonderful pictures from Ian , very nicely taken :-) 

Feedback :" Hi Yian Ching,
We would like to thank you for the beautiful cake that you've specially prepared for Annabelle's first birthday. All our friends and family were full of praise and commended how nice and intricate the designs were and the amount of detail that was put into it. The cake was delicious too besides the beautiful creation. Thank you once again for making our daughter's birthday memorable.
Ian and Lai Yeen

Elmo and Barnie Cake Singapore

Here is special request to have 2 hand crafted ( fondant ) elmo and Barnie sitting side by side to makes LYLA's birthday special ..

Domo Kun 2D cake Singapore / 3D domo figurine/ cake for Ophelia

Here is a cute Domo Kun to share with you