Tuesday, May 30, 2017

baby lion 2 tier cake singapore , animals jungle theme cake singapore

if you take a closer look at this cake , what do you think ???

when i 1st saw this cake in the making , i think the side is natural and excellent considering , the carved and stick the details technique is really refine and good for this cake 

but i question the lion , the paws colors and features seem out of place , hence asking my designers , what happen ??

then i realised these are not mistake but real customization of a certain lion toy which apparently is the baby favorite toy and this is exactly how does the lion looks like ...

nice .... :-) 

Friday, May 26, 2017

Here is another amazing NEW theme we love very much , it is not the onion head , but the TROLLS 

this is really cool and close rendition of the character herself ...

it is not just the way she looks , but more importantly the expression ..., 

which becoming a signature hallmark for our brands of children cakes 

can you imagine , every colors is carved and prepared separately , even for the flowers from her hair 
the eye balls . the fingers 

how the layers of names is carved separately yet compressed together 

this artwork is not easily imitated from any artist locally 

this is what is our worth and standard for a lively cake 

personalize yet alive with the theme ...

Thursday, May 25, 2017

rainbow unicorn , super cute horses theme 3d cake singapore , cake for kylene singapore

we have a couple of these unicorn theme , children esp little girls love it , we have one of these cake on display at our shop . 

all little princess simple just glue to this cake ....

from the window 

this version we did is one of the really good ones 

love the rainbow , it is fine thin and very uniform to result in the great standout effect and definity the unicorn is smooth , quiet yet very adorable ... 

would u agree ?

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

spider man cake 3d Singapore , your friendly neighbourhood friend -spiderman . In sugar and cream , a cake for celebration birthday cake singapore

here is wonderful version for local spider man designed cake 

this cake is not fondant , it is cream , which mean it is lighter in taste and it is more diff to produced ... why ??

as the cream is easy in nature but to make it neat on the cover is skills and the pipe for the drawing of the spider web is really skill 
why kind of skills ??

1. the consistency of the width of line drawn must be same , this is pressure piping skills 
2. the proportion to draw , there is no chance for erase if there is mistake 

why ??

as the based is cream in red , any correction of black will smear the whole cake 

so this is why it is 1 stroke 1 kill , 1st time right kind of cake design 

something worth to mention is also how this spidy look , it is so cute ...

look at the web from the top , it is skills ... and art ...

for sensational cake , we treat every cake with the most art form respect . 
must be perfect and tells a story and deserved a wow ...   

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Saturday, May 20, 2017

star wars theme cupcakes singapore , may the force be with you , best customized cake from Singapore , real cake art

Here is a cupcakes set for daddy , obviously dad had been a biggest fan for star wars 

we customized this set of cupcakes based on the starwars individual character . 

each is drawn or carved to details to bring the best of each character from the set 

apart from cupcakes we customized a series of cakes based on star wars theme 

Friday, May 19, 2017

nexo theme cake 3d singapore

we design this cake according to nexo theme 

toppers excluded and display by customer only 

the body of cake is design with the castle theme and name crafted to theme 

Monday, May 15, 2017

cream cake with 3d design for basketball theme , birthday cake singapore , cake for Aravind Jersey

this is some of the things we do best , simple , inexpensive yet really nice and meaningful cakes for our dear ones 

as much as you have followed me on my other complicated and challenging designs , we love a simple cake order like this which characterise the theme and love from family 

a simple cake to make and design can be inexpensive yet meaningful 

in compared to very complicated designs we can add 100 + figurines and details but not all the artwork will be highlighted in the event and give credit to designer .. 

this is a delicious soft sponge cake inside with rich italian buttercream , design w blue and red dots and basketball jersey customized 

all our gourmet chefs comes with year of training from Taiwan , dubai and paris patisseries

ensure good looking and delicious tasty cakes of high standards  

Sunday, May 14, 2017

daisy duck , minnie mouse tiga ducking , piglet tsum 3d cake singapore 2 tier bithday cake , customized cupcakes singapore , customized theme macarons singapore by the best sugar craft artist

Yes you guess it , it is a tsum tsum celebration , we prepare all the pastries related to this requested theme , it is nice but really a lot of work due the variant for this theme 

we have the cake 

not expensive , very reasonable .. haha .. will give u good discount ok ?

but seriously there is so much handcrafting for all these little characters , we cannot allow ourselve to compromised our brand and quality , so each is as good as what you see ..here 

Saturday, May 13, 2017

2-in-1 halve cake design 3d cake singapore , shark scuba dive theme snorker theme cake singapore , planes helicopter apache helicopter theme 3d cake singapore

Here is a new way to create 2 cakes into 1 , or 1 in to 2 to be more precise 

it is 2 diff theme presented as 1 , we emphasize the the design for the top with toppers and the side wall which tell 2 different stories 

the other for the skies and helicopter 

half for the son and half for the mother for the same cake cutting celebration 

another creative project for Sensational cakes 

Friday, May 12, 2017

character and metallic cake pops for a special event 

these are matching theme events and customized cake pops 

we are able to customized dessert and other pastries for the need of theme based design to match the props or the cake itself , be it wedding , birthday or any other events 

Thursday, May 11, 2017

angelic customized figurines cake singapore , angle fairy theme pink birthday cake singapore , flora theme designer birthday cake singapore

this is a very nice version of customized figurine cake, 

we are so far the only one do the figurine in japanese anime way of carving which bring the sugar alive , look close and careful it is 90 % close to real person

the composition is perfect proportion , colors and mixed of lime green w deep pink will be perfect with white flowers  

like to mentioned is also the sugar font of the name callista , it is character and nicely added to the cake design 

Monday, May 8, 2017

power ranger - red ranger morph cute version birthday cake singapore , kamen raiders

this is actually power ranger , nope it is not kamen raiders

ok , we have that too .. but this is based on power ranger the new movie design setting
the red figurines and cross yellow belt 

it is kind of short but CUTE ... 

it is celebration cake cheer up 

ranger !

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Happy sweet 18th birthday cake singapore , rainbow themed birthday cake best friends birthday cake singapore

sweet 18th birthday cake with pastel color and pink 

a rainbow to brighten the cake , 
with bunchg of best friends , book , ipad , computer , flowers daisies cap and all hobbies customized for ALYS special birthday cake 

a figurines is customized after her image .. 

memorable cake for sweet 18th birthday 

customized by sensational cake singapore 

Saturday, May 6, 2017


This was basically a boy's kind of gun and army theme cake , it is actually a 2-in-1 theme based on green camouflage and nerf theme .

one for green and jungle with dog tag and helmet , it is the mixed of black dull green green and brown to have the full camouflage effect over the cake 

the other will be based on the gun nerf , blue orange and special weaponry based on this famous toy 

to create the perfect mux we surround the cake w fondant crafted bullets and lower tiered with camouflage and green , the contrast is striking and amazing 

very nice and good combination for the same interest for the bestest cake 

Thursday, May 4, 2017

choo choo ..... the train is coming round the tunnel 

all the visual is added to Thomas theme train 3d cake as seen 

it is a MAGNIFICENT 2 tier cake with thomas and friends , the top is designed and carved to semi round ...

all characters seen is sugar carved character , non plastic if you have mistaken the artwork 

we made really good and close artwork and design the theme for the cake accordingly from our master cake artist craftsman 

every single color on this cake is prepare and carved individually , this is how much effort needed to create a good cake as such .. 

we also ensure the cake with making options tastes really , good you are welcome to make appointment to discuss the design and cake sample before the order .. 

beauty and beast 3d Art Birthday cake singapore , cake for princess and children , best customized crafted cake singapore , enchanted rose theme birthday cake Glass cake