Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Money Cash Theme 3D Cake Singapore #MoneyCake

The best cake for daddys, money cake. We carefully carved every edge to make it realistic. Money cake is indemand for adult birthday theme. Coz everyone wants to have good life and good money.

Cony & Brown with Heart Balloon Theme Girl Birthday 3D Cake Singapore #Cony&BrownCake #HeartBalloonCake

Truly a perfect gift for those inlove partner. A great expression by Cony and Brown is a bit shy.
We design the very best fondant design like those heart balloons, it is made of two layers fondant icing, and need a great cake designer to make the whole cake delicious and nice.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Ben & Holly Little Kingdom Inspired Theme Girl Birthday 3D Cake Singapore #Ben&HollyCake #CastleCake

You will love this cake, Ben & Holly inspired 3D cake we have here.

The fondant figurines look so nice and with facial expression. Castle is so beautiful in pink, every detail you can say it is delicious inside. It brings out the best a cake should be.

Basketball and Medical Profession Stethoscope Doctor Theme 3D Cake Singapore #Ball3DCAke #StethoscopeCake

Hobby and profession combined in the wonderful unique customized cake. 

With a lot of effort curving the shape up to the details of stethoscope and other elements is so perfect. We hope the celebrant would appreciate such delicious and great cake we made.

Monday, February 26, 2018

Wedding Cake for Bridal Fair at Botanical Gardens Singapore #WeddingCake

The Sensational Cakes display cake for Bridal fair at Botanical Gardens Singapore.

3D Noble Books Theme Birthday 3D Cake Singapore #NobleBookCake

Great elements and details for this noble classic 3 book cake design.
It is all inside a cake covered with fondant icing. This is challenging and need to bind the cakes inside and cover with sugar handcrafted them to match the desired design.

Pokemon Theme Boy Birthday 3D Cake Singapore #Pokemon3DCake

Gonna catch them all! Coz we love Pokemon.

A lot pf our celebrants make this theme, why not? Pokemon is very popular especially to kids. Here, our 3D Cake is design based on the characters. All elements are sugar crafted and molded by hand. That's what make this special, we put great care to all the cakes we make.

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Tsum Tsum Character Girl Birthday Theme 3D Cake Singapore #TsumTsumCake #Girl3DCake

Cute and beautiful tsum tsum characters. Colorful, sugar crafted figurines with pink pearls and qulted design pattern make it beautiful and perfect for girls theme party.

Chanel Luxury Bag Inspired Teen Girl Birthday 3D Cake Singapore #ChanelThemeCaka #LuxuryBagCake

Our very elegant 3D luxury bag theme design fondant cake. From delicious cake inside to the fondant icing that is handcrafted and pattern to make it really beautiful. Look at the quilted design with pearls and makeup accessories all around the cake, it is all edible. Amazing cake!

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Pink Hermes Luxury Bag Inspired Theme 3D Cake Singapore #Hermes3DCake #LuxuryBagCake

We got this unique luxury bag design every woman wants, we crafted the cake to its real shape. Then, we color it in a pastel girly pink to suit the theme and favorite color of the celebrant. All are made or fondant icing and delicious cake inside.

The Avengers Inspired Superhero Theme Cupcakes Singapore #DessertTableCupcakes #SuperheroTheme

Choose from many variety which is your favorite!

These cupcakes are perfect for Superhero theme party dessert table. With a lot of character to choose, you can always get what you love.

Friday, February 23, 2018

Monkey in Jungle 1st Birthday Boy Theme 3D Cake Singapore #Monkey3DCake #KiddieJungleCake

This 2 tier cake monkey in jungle theme is cute. See the monkey loves eating the bananas, all are sugar handcrafted. You can see details of every elements. We manually do it combining the colorful pearls polka dots, bunting flag cute bees and the tree. Making this cake a cute and delicious theme for 1st Birthday. 

Girl in Orange Garden Theme Grandma Birthday 3D Cake Singapore #Orange3DCake #GrandmaCake

Oh how sweet and beautiful this is! We made grandma birthday cake that she is picking the fresh orange fruit from her garden. All elements especially the fruits are manually molded to its shape to look like a real oranges. We can't resist the perfection of the face figurine is, we bet grandma love this cake so thus we are for her.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Cony & Brown Pastel Blue Theme Girl Birthday 3D Cake Singapore #Cony&BrownCake #Cute3DCake

For the sweetest occasion ever with Cony & Brown!

The pastel color is perfect too, the ribbon also nice and very cute. Sweet edible designs made and Cony & Brown figurine is so nice. You want tot take photo of this and share to your friends.

Football Player FCB Jersey Fan Boy Birthday Theme 3D Cake Singapore #Football3DCake #SportThemeCake

Why not celebrate you birthday with your favorite football player?

And lets make it even more special, we customized cake to forn a jersey shirt. Yes, we do the most and best cake you deserve to have. Very unique, the details are super good and the colors are vibrant. Our cake taste so nice, so you can have anything to celebrate with our customized 3D cakes.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Baby Dinosaur in Jungle Theme Boy Birthday 3D Cake Singapore #BabyDino3DCake #DinasaurTheme

Cute little baby Dino, that is the theme for this one. Celebrate we guess love about dinosaur, with the convincing design of grass, rocks and figurine. They are all manually handmade sugar fondant. We invest time to create such cuteness cake for our customers.

Police Car Sheriff Cuffs Theme Boy Birthday 3D Cake Singapore #PoliceCar3DCake

We have the best and unique of every cake we do, like this super nice police car theme we made. Combination of blue, yellow and red this cake sure is wonderful and the taste is also good. Car is detailed manually with a lot of care and artistry.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Soldiers on War Inspired Chess Piece Theme 3D Cake Singapore #Chess3DCake #Unique3DCake

Heres what is interesting, this chess piece represents soldier fought on Japanese war history.
And we made a figurine inspired on the history. Figurines are made of sugar handcrafted and the chess board are made very realistic with the color and painted texture alike to the real board. Masterpiece cake art with a lot of story and perfection.

Monday, February 19, 2018

Brown Bear Birthday Theme 3D Cake Singapore #ConnieBrownCake #Brown3DCake

Look how cute Brown is, got a very nice fondant icing in color orange that standout the figurine. Also, the colorful beads perfect on the base. This is the effort of all our cake designers do, cakes that are best value with best quality.

Colorful Circus Animals Carnival Theme Birthday Cake Singapore #Circus3DCake #CarnivalAnimalsCake

Amazing work of art is in our cake!

Yes, this circus carnival theme are made of sweet sugar handcrafted molded with care by our cake designers. See every details made of all cute elements, from Ferris wheel popcorn, drum and stage combining with colorful patterns make it a masterpiece. We create this kind of cake for all celebrations. 

3D Rabbit with design mustache and bow Birthday Cake Singapore #RabbitCake

One of our unique animal design cake. Comes with a mustache and black polka dot bow. 

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Teddy Bear Blue with Suspender and Buttons Blue Theme Birthday 3D Cake Singapore #Bear3DCake #1stBirthdayCake

This cake is so special and made with very nice theme.

Colors are very nice the Teddy Bear is also nice, the texture is so realistic. They are all made with sugarcrafted design by our cake designers. This is amazing cake we did, one of truly superb creation for 1st birthday theme party.

Colorful Unicorn Girl Birthday Theme 3D Cake Singapore #Unicorn3DCake

This is another cute theme cake of unicorn design for girl birthday.
It is very colorful looking from flowers to the rainbow. All are sugar handcrafted made and this is impressive visually beautiful 3D customized fondant cake.

Saturday, February 17, 2018

The Flash Superhero Boy Birthday Theme 3D Cake Singapore #TheFlash3DCake

This cake is superb! Amazing design made with great effort. Every part of the cake is sugar handcrafted with artistry and painted by edible sugar. The color and elements combination is a masterpiece our cake designers do.

Kiddie Batman Blue Costume Theme Boy Birthday 3D Cake Singapore #KiddieBatman3DCake

Our cute kiddie version of batman figurine sugar crafted on top of delicious fondant cake.
Perfect for boys theme party who love Batman.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Gatsby Gold Black & White Classic Theme 3D Cake Singapore #ClassicCake #3DGatsbyCake

Simple yet very elegant. This cake is made of perfection, the smooth texture of delicious fondant cake. Added with gold pearls and Gatsby look pattern design. Best for corporate and adult birthday theme celebrations.

Army Soldier in War Inspired Theme Boy Birthday 3D Cake Singapore #Army3DCake #SoldierinWarThemeCake

Great theme for a boy who dream to become a soldier figthing for peace. And for his birthday, we made special theme to fit his ambition. An army soldier in war is a perfect theme, made with fondant delicious cake that will give it a balance of action and sweetness.

*toys are not included.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Music Player Turntable Inspired Theme 3D Cake Singapore #MusicPlayer3DCake #TurnTableCake

Music Player Turntable cake, perfect for music lovers who celebrate there birthdays. And this is made special because it is customized in pink color that suits the favorite color of the celebrant. We hope see got a music all night party on her birthday.

Fruity Cake Pops Dessert Table Theme Party Singapore #Cakepops #FruityDessertTable

Our creation of fruity theme cake pops. We customized all sort of dessert tables from there customized design to the chosen flavor inside. Great value and delicious taste, perfect for dessert table parties.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Customer Feedback on Sensational Cakes #feedback #satisfiedcustomer

"Thanks for the lovely cake. We just loved it."

Thank you for trusting Sensational Cakes to do your special customized cake.

Adventure Wall Climbing Cake Feedback Photo from Celebrant Sarela #feedback #satisfiedcustomer

Beautiful cake of Sarela! Happy birthday to you!

Thank you for trusting Sensational Cake to make you a customized cake. 
Hope you love it!

Valentines Cake Promo Winners #feedback #ourcakeourstory #valentinesday

Celeste Jean and partner,
Martin and Simrin!!!  
Enjoy your Valentines with Cakeinspiration Road to Find True Love Cake.