Saturday, October 29, 2011

A Birds PSLE hybrid version : Cake for Nethaniel ( cake Singapore)

This was done some weeks back , was interesting as it was a request for a celebration for Nethaniel , after his PSLE exam , ( wiki : The Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) is a national examination taken by all students in Singapore near the end of primary six in primary schoo

we brainstorm, what is the best way to express this , and with Angry Birds , we put on our can do thinking caps and wala ... this is the results ... :-) 

we crack the PSLE of course , since is over and done with ....

this is added with all the bright rainbows and colors and panic mats to have all the fun we can imagine for the birds and pigs , likewise 


YES , we are honored that Intel had ordered this special cake for their internal quality award , as this is a corporate theme and the only picture provided was the trophy .. we try our best to make this cake interesting and meaningful .. 

we added the walls with the look of the trophy and the stars sparkle with the award .. 

well done , INTEL team !!! Kampetei Kudasai !!! ( Japanese mean work hard !!) 

A Birds 3D cake , Pink Psychedelic with Light White theme .. Special cake for AC

This is another interesting Angry Bird we did .. we want it to be light and colorful and giving some fresh air after the long fight between the Birds and Pigs .. 

Have a break Man :-) 

Friday, October 28, 2011

Longevity Cupcakes Singapore , Special 70th Celebration Cupcakes

This is a special order for best wishes for Longevity .. Shou .. Mean Long Life and Happiness .. 

is a well wishing Chinese Characters for elders as a form of respect and well wishes ... 70th year celebration is a important coming of age for a Chinese .. we are honor to present this gift to our dear friend

a Bamboo was added as a special plant to signify LONG Life and happiness and good Health .. 

Terrier or A Birds Cake ? Cake Singapore .. Special Birthday cake for Ricky

This was a special request from dear Anne , she was very impressed with our Angry birds series , and propose for us to Hybrid her favorite Puppy with our Angry Birds cake .. 

we did some cute version of cats and dogs previously , but terrier ? was difficult due to the details of it's hair .. 

true enough, this take a much longer time after 2 attempts to get it right , though it was just a mini version , we are glad it got a certain life in the figurine to looks like the real pup .. 

what do you think ? 


Thursday, October 20, 2011


here is another wonderful feedback from our Angry birds series for little Charlotte

for this cake we deploy our classic multi colored rainbow with Daisey , we added marble green to texture to give a more rustic feel , however for the sweet girl we insist the name to be 3D and colorful and contrasting .

HERE'S THE FEEDBACK : " Hi Yian Ching,

THANK YOU!!!  Thank you so much for the fantastic cake!!
You definitely didn't disappoint and my guests will definitely order from
you when they have the opportunity.  They were impressed that the cake was
nicely moist and not very sweet.

Hope these photos will give you a great sense of satisfaction.

Best regards
Honey Tan