Thursday, April 26, 2012

21st Birthday Cake Singapore , Owl Romantic Pink Theme ( Rebecca ) Artistic cake Singapore

This was a special request from a old friend for her good friend .. though cake looks simple , but it is very details in process to make it , well we love it for its simplicity and color .. 

1st Year Rock Princess Theme Cake Singapore ( Pink Rock Theme Cake / Guitar cake / Musical Theme Cake Singapore )

This was a customized design for special girl , the Theme of the Party was a Rock theme , lot of stars and lots of Guitar .. we added 4 x guitars and Big bow, not forgetting the Big Tiara to crowd the cake ... 
added some golden musical notes and a special Mic for the occasion 



Thanks very much indeed for the beautiful cake with such meticulous detailing, and great taste to boot! I esepecially like the 4 characters, the temple and down to the little details like the scarf, clothes and weapons on the ninja and even the bricks on the wall! You really made Julian's day! Everyone loved it and was very amused that the characters' hands and legs can move! Many have been asking for your contact :) I can't wait for the next occasion to make another order myself! Catch you soon!

Pek Yong

We are excited that this was the highlight of the week , this is a special attempt to make NINJAGO Toy look real and taste good . this is edible cake :-) 

the 4 colored Ninja is make piece by piece , dried and joined .. the weapons , the temple behind was actually another cake , make brick by brick . 

I certainly hope this design meet the expectation of NINJAGO fans out there .. on the side the TOY brick is also out of fondant in great details and precision 

I am so Happy :-) 

the Feedback : we LOVE the cake!!! It was so beautifully done, the details on the ninjas and the temple! And it tasted so good! Everyone liked it v.much. Thanks so much for everything!! We really appreciate it. Meant to msg u, but so busy tat u beat me to it haha! :))  -py
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Special 1st Year Old grand celebration cake ( 2 Tier Buttercream cake ) / Feedback

This was another spectacular moment of the week .. 
we got a surprise call from a mum which wanted a grand cake for 1st year old celebration ( we thought , that's easy :-) 
but to our surprise , Mdm Ruchi wanted us to make a cake , a customized that that was based on the inspiration of her child , Seher 
she insisted for a meeting , and we discussed on the requirement to customized this cake .. 
as this is a very important celebration , more than 100 guest we invited to a very nice resturant in Tanglin Mall .. 
the requirement is to make the cake "messy " but look like the drawing and using only the same colors .. 
we committed to do our best for this cake 

Then I begin the scatch my head , how am i going to make a mess out of this ? i am only good at beautfying the cake but not to mess it .. this was hard for me 
we wanted organized pattern out of this artwork .. hence we decided to deploy the used of strips .. 
here is the out come .. and feedback 
Hhhiiiiiieeee!!!! V really really liked the cake... & the best part was the creme, blue berry was damn good ..... Thankssss tooooo you. I was really really happy... Plus the cup cakes were a killerrrr of the highest order... I was damnnnn impressed... Cant tel u how happy i m... 

NEW ! Ninjago 1 Tier Cake Singapore / 3D cake / Ninja Theme / Temple / Shrine design cake Singapore

This is another version in single Tier , we did this be make the cake the Ninja Shrine itself , Not forgetting the bricks

Chanel 2.55 Handbag / Bag Cake Singapore ( Black) from a Old Friend , Tina

This was another surprise for us , when a old friend requested for a urgent cake . we are too late to make figurines for her girlfriend , but we offer this special Chanel Bag cake .. 

Baby 1st month Dragon Baby Cake Singapore / Chinese / Christening cake Singapore

This is our take for 1st Month Dragon boy

Spong bob square pants 3D cake( Singapore ) ,Patrick the Star / and Friends / underwater theme / Bikini Bottom / Rock House/ Pineapple House cake Singapore

 This is an absolute fun cake in making , all hand crafted , the houses and Patrick star :-) 
Have fun :-) 

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Liverpool Football Club 3D Birthday cake for "Ryan ( Soccer / Football / Sport Theme cake Singapore )( MAN UTD , ARSENAL/ LIVERPOOL CAKE SINGAPORE)

This is for the LIVERPOOL Fans out there ... :-) we did not forget you

Arsenal Football Club 3D Birthday cake for "Andrew Hubby" ( Soccer / Football / Sport Theme cake Singapore )

I am very happy to make this cake , not just it is a wonderful cake , but more importantly a NEW good friend , Priscilla - I am glad of her trust and friendship started with this cake ...

I am also very happy to see the Joy this cake brought to the family 

Girls Generation Cake Singapore , SNSD ,JACE LIM 13TH Birthday Cake Singapore ( Special Design cake , Girls Generation Cupcakes , SNSD ) Feedback/ KPOP IDOL Cake Singapore

Here's a 2D version for Jace Lim ,

Girls Generation Cake Singapore , SNSD , TaeYong Kim , Joshua 21st Birthday Cake Singapore ( Special Design cake , Girls Generation Cupcakes , SNSD ) Feedback/ KPOP IDOL Cake Singapore/ 3DGumpaste Figurines SNSD

Hi , like to share this fabulous cake , it is one of the MOST Challenging cake for us so far , why ? 
because it's Girls Generation , it has got to be awesome ,and we did something unthinkable - we make 9 figurines in this cake , i mean real figurines + Joshua himself , all in Pilot uniform .. 
we ourselve could not believed that it is really a master piece and damn sweet , we also got to thank Judy for all the demands and ideals which is the brain behind this fabulous cake ! 

Happy Birthday Josh ! :-) 

Let's see this cake 



On the follow day , we received this from Judy : " 
Hi Yian Ching! Just wanted to tell u tat the cake was awesome awesome and just awesome!

Everyone was stunned by it and my brother took 30 mins before he could finally move the knife! Too nice to cut!

Plus people from the other chalet units came over and looked at it! They also asked who was the awesome baker ;)

I have passed them ur contacts ;)

Now i have my galfrens badgering me for a similar cake for their bdays! Gonna be broke siah...

Let me settle down at office and i will do the transfer by today!

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Here is the FACEBOOK pics shared