Saturday, April 7, 2012

Shahrukh Khan Cake Singapore / The King of Bollywood/ Cake for ARSHAVIN / Idol

Mr Shahrukh Khan 

King of Bollywood , I am glad to present this cake , I used to be not interested in Bollywood movies - finding them traditional , but this is no so , recently - thanks to subtitles , i saw a few very very good Bollywood films .

Dramatize , perhaps .. but their meaning and intent is of the heart and human soul . And how humans were connected.. the western movies in compared were more of excitement and feeding the audience with what the fresh craved for ( no offences ) but as parents and mother , i watch these Bollywood movies with great satisfaction

 ... there were several highly rated ... one of them from Mr Khan was " My name was Khan " 

go for it ... it is emotional and good meaning and easy to understand ...

Here , I would like to sell the design of my new Cake after Mr Khan for ARSHAVIN

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