Friday, April 22, 2011

NEW ! Earth Aquila , Drago , Metal Fight BeyBlade 2 Tier ( 金屬戰鬥陀螺)( Beyblade Aquario)

Hi we launch a NEW Yellow color and element to our 2 Tier Beyblade 3D cake , 1st of its design , it comprises of 3 requested Blades - Aquila , Pegasus , and Drago as requested . 

it turn out sensational and a hit ... 

Tier 1 - TOP 3D Aquila Earth figurine 
Tier 1 side ( spinning lighting with Libra, Aquila , Pegasus Beyblade) 
Tier 2 ( Blue with 5 spins ) 

Monday, April 18, 2011

NEW from Oven ! 3D BEJEWELED THEME CAKES ( Blitz , bejeweled 2,3 ) Cake / Cakes Singapore

This is our latest NEW Creation - Yes a Brand New IPHONE Hot favorite for mum Maureen .... we love the shape and colors and it was contrasted in Blue and Leather Brown , Frame proper in White , it is gorgeous and fun .

A Birds Cupcake from Jieming to Xinli ( Cakes , Cupcake Singapore )

This is truly a gift of Love from JM to XL , we received this special request because JM is currently in States and wanted to give XL a pleasant surprise , so agree to make this very special request for JM . On the day , on the exact time we bring this to XL and SMRT depot ( Hard to locate and access) and wow this is sensational and XL is truly moved , you may read more of JM feedback in

All this best to the couple !

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Airplane Theme 3D Cake ( Plane , Clouds , Sky, Rainbow , Cake Singapore)

Dear all ,

we are proud to share this lovely cake we just designed , mum wants this to be a " Plane Theme"  . Apart from the lovely plane ..we added a element of ALPS mountains on the side( remind me of my days in Italy and Germany )  with nice fluffy littles clouds at the top .. A rainbow will sure to cheer anybody ... the sparks at the tail .. well i would say this is quite complete .. well what you think :-)

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Army of PIGS , A Birds Beware ! ( Cakes Singapore)

Hi , interestingly i created more PIGS this weekend , this time i make sure every singly one is DIFFERENT and i added some BRUISE  to the eye and TONGUE to make all more the LOVELY and Cute ...??