Monday, August 22, 2011

FEEDBACK : A Bird 3D cake : Psychedelic pink , Retro , Groovy Version Angry Bird Cake : Happy Birthday to the 2 Boys at home : Alan and Tyler

Courtesy from Wikipedia: The term psychedelic is derived from the Greek words ψυχή (psyche, "soul") and δηλοῦν (deloun, "to manifest"), translating to "soul-manifesting". A psychedelic experience is characterized by the perception of aspects of one's mind previously unknown, or by the creative exuberance of the mind liberated from its ostensibly ordinary fetters. Psychedelic states are an array of experiences elicited by various techniques, including sensory stimulation, sensory deprivation as well as by psychedelic substances. Such experiences include hallucinations, changes of perceptionsynesthesia, altered states of awareness, mystical states, and occasionally states resembling psychosis.

When we design this cake , we think of " Austin Powers " :-) 

Here is the feedback , share the cake with you later ...

From Dear Wendi :

Dear Yian Ching
That's the greatest, cutest, funky, retro cake we ever loved!
The boys( hub & son) were so surprised when the cake delivered! The secret was out then! The whole journey to our party venue, tune of angry birds was repeatedly hummed!
Once again, the Maks r very very happy with your creation and we like to extend our appreciation to u and your helpers!
Wendi koh
we uses Golden Stars effect with dazzling effect of rainbow for the retro feel 

the use of stunning pink adds a punch feel for the groovy cake 

this is a great view, Groovy babe ..

yellow polka dots on top with bright color every where

surf high indeed :-) 

chewing gum feel on pink and blue ..

PV Zombies 3D Cake : A new spectacular adventure , Happy birthday Kaylan ( Plant vs Zombies Figurines , Cake Singapore )

This week , we are proud to share with you this beautiful cake , of Plants Vs Zombie cake , apart from our usual style in Round we attempt to add some character figurine .. and we love it ! they are really cute .. the pea shooter , potato and what ever they are called .. my kids love them.. and so did we .. 


Kawasaki Ninja Motorbike Theme Cake Singapore / Happy 21st Birthday for Zhi Bing ( special Theme cake , Bike Cake , Motorbike , Racing Bike cake Singapore )

This was a special request from our dear HweeMin for her boyfriend 21st Birthday , she want this to be really special for him , they always discussed how nice it will be to have a bike cake model after Zhi Bing's New Bike and if this kind of cake is available in Singapore .. 

after several attempt to contact and attempt , it was to no a veil .. it is not surprise why because this is not an easy case to accept .. not a typical cake people like to make  as it is difficult and if not done well , it will not have the WOW factor .. and if the budget is low , it is unpopular decision to make a bike cake .. 
at the point where HW were desperate , we spoke - i explain the constrain and short time to do this .. however , understanding this is not just a cake for her and her boyfriend , it symbolized and special time together at their tender age of 21 .. we decide to put our signature for this cake , this cake was promised to the delivered spectacular , so it is ... 

The original Bike is Blue , so we start to decide it must be blue .. I want this cake to be simple yet elegant with clear lining and contrast ..

so I decide to rim the cake with red , black check box .. and using a NEW front to add the refinement and cake board is choose to be royal blue .. 

Cake turn out a OK .. 

I am proud the proportion of this cake is Good , even it is 100 % hand carved , I would say this is a beauty .. 

FEEDBACK : Chanel PINK / GOLD for Mrs Beautiful Mum :-)

Feedback from Mr Tang : 

Good job!! Well done….Some photo to share… 

Beautiful Pics , Isn't it?
this picture is simple but very true and natural from every member there is so much love and contentment .. we are honored to have our cakes for this special day .. Happy Birthday Mum :-) !
wow looks just like the real thing .... err less the candles on the bag .....

Here is the cake before the candles Haha !

Monday, August 15, 2011

Justin Bieber Cake in Singapore (Marian Sweet Sixteen)

we are excited tp received this cake , YES - Justin Bieber ! this was requested from a mum for daughter sweet Sixteen Birthday celebration. 
we wanted this cake to be special , we decide it should be Red Black and white in Theme color . adding some musical notes and a Mic will be fantastic ... we did just that and added a touch of silver STARs for our BIG Star Justin .... 

3D A Birds Cake for Pari ( Cakes , Cupcakes Singapore ) : feedback

Happy Birthday to Pari 

we love this version with the great layout and color combination .. 

we are proud to share with you this sweet and lovely cake 

This is a Twin Tower version , with Full Load of Characters for our dear Princess Pari .. 

This cake was order for a big crowd and the celebration with held at Tanglin Club Ballroom 

we are indeed honor and privilege to share our cake for this celebration 

Deepan Feedback : " 

The cake for my daughter Pari's 7th birthday was a hit! The kids loved the little birds and pigs and after the candles were blown, they swooped down and picked up the birds, pigs, eggs! In minutes the cake top was clean (as you can see in the third photo).

I will pass your contact to many of my friends who I am sure will be ordering from you for their birthday...

Special Pics to share , How our Birds are snatch away !!