Friday, March 30, 2018

Minnie Mouse Cupcake Dessert Table Singapore #MinnieMouseCupcake

We have a lot of choices of Minnie mouse theme, from cake to dessert table. You can also have these cute minnie mouse cupcake design.

Beach Volleyball Athletes Birthday Theme Cake Singapore #SportsCake

Favorite sports of the celebrants made customized in the cake. With a cute design and facial expressions. Good cake with great quality.

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Dinosaur Theme Birthday Cake Singapore #DinoCake

RAWRRR!! Dinosaur/Jungle theme cake for Sebastian and Miles!
Bring more joyful to the celebrants special day with these cute Dinosaurs.

Transformers for 7th Birthday Cake Singapore #TransformersCake

Ready, Autobots? Roll out!

Transformer inspired delicious 3D fondant cake crafted very detailed for boy birthday party. 

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Customized Million Dollar Cake featured in 给我一百万 "Give me a million" tv drama series

Our cake is one of the highlights for Give me a million TV drama series with famous stars.
We are so proud to be part of your success, more power to your show!

Read the full article here:

Chocolate Cake Singapore #ChocolateCake

Simple chocolate cake done delicious.

Star Wars Cupcake Dessert Table Singapore #DessertTable #StarWarsCupcake

Make a star wars cupcake for birthday? Why not!! We always enjoy every sweetness in our lives.

Monday, March 26, 2018

Brian 12th Birthday Pokemon theme cake Singapore #feedback #satisfiedcustomer

"Thank you for the awesome cake. Brian love it so much!"
Full of joy and love in Brian's birthday! We are happy to be part of your special day. #feedback #satisfiedcustomer #customizedcake#pokemoncake #sensationalcakes 

Dice Cards Spade Theme 21st Birthday Cake Singapore #21stCake

Cake are so cool, you see every layers are made of different design. Spade pattern, Dice and cards are all awesome and perfect for 21st birthday.

Ice Skate Custom Girl Theme Cake Singapore #IceSkatingCake

Ice skating custom theme cake, so beautiful and captivate the favorite hobby of the celebrant. Elements also are very detail and the winter theme.

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Elmo with Crayons Sesame Street Birthday Cake Singapore #ElmoCake #SesameStreetCake

Colorful theme designs with crayons made it special fondant 3D cake and made his birthday special. 

Pink 1st Year Baby Girl Cake Singapore #PinkCake #1stYearCake

This is a cute and simple 1st year birthday. Pink is very nice on white, it match very well for baby girl's birthday. I also like the element designs on the cake. Bunting makes it look festive. Very nice cake.

Friday, March 23, 2018

Wine in Ice Bucket 3D Birthday Cake Singapore #Wine3DCake

This is an actual cake 3D designed as a wine in a ice bucket. Creatively made with artistry.
Beautiful outside and delicious inside.

Mermaid Ariel Under the sea Birthday theme Cake Singapore #MermaidCake

Beautiful design. Exceptional taste.

This is our little mermaid inspired design with shell and pearls in pastel colors mixed with treasure

box and pastel pink blue and ocean green leaves and layer to such perfection. Complete with seashell 

and underwater creatures.

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Monkey Theme Blue Cake for Girl Birthday Singapore #MonkeyCake #HoroscopeCake

it is a big thing for the Chinese culture to celebrate children's 1st year party with relative and friends . 
and it is a common theme to based the design on the horoscope of the baby.

Roses and Hearts Theme Cake Singapore #RosesHeartsCake

Cake made with love, look at the roses, it is very beautiful and the cake taste very nice. Perfect for wedding, valentines and anniversary.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Hellena and Hannah Birthday My Little Pony Theme Cake Singapore #feedback #satisfiedcustomer

Happy birthday to our dear Hellena and Hannah. 

We hope you enjoy your My Little Pony cake! :)

David 16th Birthday Gundam Theme Cake Singapore Feedback #feedback #gundamcake #satisfiedcustomer

"Our very surprised birthday boy!"

We are so glad to make a special customized cake for your 16th birthday David. Thank you.

David’s plastic model vs the edible one

Top Gun Jetplane with pacman design cake Singapore #TopGunCake

Unique top gun design 3D cake. Designs are good, and elements are very detailed. Celebrant loves 80's retro design thats why they make cake like this.

Pokemon Theme Kiddie Birthday 3D Cake Singapore #Pokemon3DCake #PokemonKiddieTheme

Who else want a Pokemon theme for birthdays? 

Yes, you can have a delicious 3D fondant cake with a cute characters like these. For any gender and

 age, you can have a fantastic cake like Pokemon theme cake we did!

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Ice Skiing Custom Theme Cake Singapore #IceSkiCake #CustomCake

This is a masterpiece cake, all are made of sugar crafted and details are carefully made.
This theme is very unique and custom on what is the celebrants favorite thing. Great cake indeed!