Sunday, July 31, 2011

3D Book Cake Singapore - Diary Cake ( Photocake Singapore )

we are on a surprised mission again , this is a special request from overseas - India .. we received this request some time ago , a special cake for a sister in law , she must be a wonderful lady , wife and mum ... well deserved cake indeed .. 
we were unable to catch up with her on the delivery but mission accomplished with a wonderful surprise from her husband and kids 

3D A Bird Cupcake w NEW BOX ( Cakes , Cupcakes Singapore)

we just love this new boxes , they are just lovely .. we are able fixed it up and these will be wonderful take-away gift for a special Birthday celebration .. 

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

3D PV Zombies Cake for Ewan Singapore ( 植物与僵尸蛋 糕新加坡 )

Hi , this is our Plants vs zombies theme cake , it is simple but beautiful and never fail to bring the charm ... 

3D 2 Tier Beyblade CAKE SINGAPORE

Just received this wonderful comments from requester 

FEEDBACK : From Catherine on Son Josh 

" Josh's bestest birthday cake ever Thanks very much ! " 

Monday, July 11, 2011

3D Ben 10 Cake Singapore 2- Tier ( Cakes / Cupcakes / Cookies 2D / 3D Singapore

This is our latest attempt for a 2 Tier Ben 10 3D cake .. we are please with the cake . we added a special set of fragrance scented candles " HAPPY BIRTHDAY " these had a wonderful effect on the cake .. we did a red on the track ( cake board ) , the whole cake looks impressive :-) 

Brand NEW Storm Cyber Pegasus ( Beyblade ) Cake Figurine with 2D Photocake ( Singapore - Metal Fight Beyblade ,Earth Aquila , Drago , Metal Fight ,金屬戰鬥陀螺)( Beyblade Aquario)

Adding on to our collection of Edible crafted Figurine , we are proud to add our latest " Storm Pegasus " to Earth Aquila ( our 2 Tier cake ) , Aquario and L Drago 

Just tell us which fan are you , we will make your Beyblade for your Birthday :-) 

Below was a special request for JOSH .... Happy Birthday , Hope you love Pegasus we did ... 

Sunday, July 10, 2011

3D A Birds Football Theme Cake for Si Jie ( Cakes , Cupcakes Singapore )

We received this special request as the boy love both Angry Birds and Football , we were requested to craft something to meet this interest and theme , so this is the results .... 

we take the time and effort to source for football related theme to meet SiJie's wish 

we manage to find a Soccer Net and edible soccer 2D balls , we added these elements to make this theme . 

we re-arrange our usual layout and mount the red birds on new high grounds to make the theme more realism .. and added the marble grey grit , to us the visual color rendition must be good , and also note so far of the many " birds " cake we create , every cake the 4 walls is decorated and no single wall is copy or the same , every cake was done different and having different personality to create life into this special birthday cake .. 
Happy Birthday - SiJie :-)


Dear Yian Ching & your great team,
You've made it once draw the loud "WOW' - first from me when the cake was delivered and then from all of our guests, from young to old!
Although I have gone to your blog and already have an idea of how your 3D cake looks like, I still couldn't help it but was deeply impressed by the one which you have specially created for my son, Si Jie. It was such a beautiful piece of wonderful creation to match our requested theme of "Angry Birds and Football"!
Thank you very much for bringing so much joy to our party with this colourful and great birthday cake!
It is definitely the most unforgetable birthday party we have ever had for my son over the past 10 years! We would like to share our great appreciation and joy with the attached photos."
Keep up the great creations and delicated services!
With sincere thanks,
Ai Leen

Pictures from Ai Leen 

Wine Theme Cakes / Corporate Cupcakes for Cornerstone Company ( Actually is Boss Clinton Birthday ) ( Special Corporate Cupcakes , Cakes Singapore ) / Customized Theme / Special Cupcakes / special cake request / services

we received this special request at a very short grace period , we also understand the special importance to the requestor hence working a way to meet the timeline as well as a theme to fit to needs .. 
we are glad the be able to provide and design this wine designs , a total of 24 different bottles design which is the range of whites and reds of Cornerstone  
we selected the bright yellow to goes with grey and pearly silver balls to spark up the cupcakes.. The label is 100% edible white Chocolate  . and Lastly " HAPPY BIRTHDAY CLINTON ! " 

FEEDBACK FROM TINA ( very nice lady ) 
" DEAR YIAN CHING , you guys are extremely professional & efficient . thank you so much once again ! will definitely recommend you guys to friends 

Hugs , Tina 

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Feedback from Calister from our earlier attempt for Domokun 3D cake 

Hi Yian Ching, 
So sorry for the delay. Been really busy these few days. Here's 2 photos of my friends and I. Thanks for the wonderful cake! =D


Feedback : 3D A Birds Cake for Cala ( 3D A Birds Cake Singapore )

we are really very encourage with this wonderful feedback : Thank You 

The Feedback : 
Dear Yian Ching, I would very much like to take this opportunity to thank you for the lovely ‘Angry Bird’ cake that you and your husband made for our daughter’s 10th birthday. It was the main attraction of the party for both the children and adults the same. For the past 9 years, I have taken upon myself to bake our daughter’s birthday cake every year and this time round I am not only glad that you have saved me time and effort but went beyond the expected.  Here are some photos as token of our appreciation. 
All the best,Karen