Sunday, July 10, 2011

Wine Theme Cakes / Corporate Cupcakes for Cornerstone Company ( Actually is Boss Clinton Birthday ) ( Special Corporate Cupcakes , Cakes Singapore ) / Customized Theme / Special Cupcakes / special cake request / services

we received this special request at a very short grace period , we also understand the special importance to the requestor hence working a way to meet the timeline as well as a theme to fit to needs .. 
we are glad the be able to provide and design this wine designs , a total of 24 different bottles design which is the range of whites and reds of Cornerstone  
we selected the bright yellow to goes with grey and pearly silver balls to spark up the cupcakes.. The label is 100% edible white Chocolate  . and Lastly " HAPPY BIRTHDAY CLINTON ! " 

FEEDBACK FROM TINA ( very nice lady ) 
" DEAR YIAN CHING , you guys are extremely professional & efficient . thank you so much once again ! will definitely recommend you guys to friends 

Hugs , Tina 

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