Wednesday, October 26, 2016

iron man full armor 3d cake with fusion of bowling theme 3d cake , bowling theme avengers cake for zander. tony stark corporation cake

this cake is simply amazing !
every part u seen is sugarcrafted part by part no short cut , crafted and painted by edible sugar 
that's what we do 

the combination is a masterpiece of perfection , agreed by master fondant artist , the expression of iron man the way you make this figurine stand is not just art it is technical science to do so 
very pleased w this superb creation from my design team 

Saturday, October 15, 2016

tsum tsum cake singapore , ever popular all cast ariel mickey minnie frozen sadness happy fox and animals cake singapore , kids best voted cake singapore

this is a sweet kind of cake that will melts your heart , 

i am not very good at this kind of cutesy cake . as my team are more "technical " 

but i will say it is pretty , personally i will like to draw the eyes nicer ....
i will do just that for my next Tsum Tsum 

Friday, October 14, 2016

golden 50th birthday cake , sheer golden elegant 3d cake singapore / cake for any boss / pearls and curls 3d cake singapore / wedding cake singapore

this cake is simply awesome 

the part of art appreciation for this cake i will like to point out to all readers 

the curls and swirls , is very difficult process for the artist 

it needs to be artfully pipe with royal icing ( diff texture : quick dry sugar ) 

steady hand and correct strokes without marking from a master;s hands 

after dry , here is the tough part , the edible gold is mixed to alcohol and using a fine brush to paint it all . 

as alcohol dry almost instantly and it take speed and consistency 

so the next time whem u expect a golden cake of such fine details , u understand why it cost so much .. 

you are paying for the skills and patience behind this cake 

Thursday, October 13, 2016

outstanding hermes silent Black theme berkin bag over cake in elegant white and bold BLack bow with Roses . Elegant designer 3D cake singapore

nice to say more ? 

it is simple with details and craftsmanship 

best to none .. 

perfect cake for the perfect lady which deserved this elegant masterpiece from sensational cakes 

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

1st birthday cake for little princess / 3d garden cake singapore / bees and flowers sunflower and daisy cake singapore

simple and elegant theme cake singapore 

why  i call this cake nice design ? 
the vines had all my Plus , this is part with the simplicity made nice and soul to this very cake 

the multi colors flowers is also the part to make this whole cake interesting 

butterflies and bees give life to this cake 

number 1 in GOLD .. 

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

baby 1st year birthday cake for Boy 3d Cake singapore , best customized art cake in SIngapore / garden theme and clouds theme cake singapore


 A pleasant and elegant cake for 1st year , with garden theme in mind . 
with mushroom and toadstool and green grass . 
and coupled with white polka dots contract against baby blue for the excellent design cake design

above the top a number 1 with bunting and balloon to make this cake really cheery 

Sunday, October 9, 2016

holly cow over swiss alps and his best friend the cute monkey . 3d cake singapore . amazing theme and scenic for a 3D cake

don't exactly know the background of the story for this cake 
however , we are expected to follow this theme of cow and monkey on a train  travelling  over the alps and greenery over europe 

remind of my drive over  the alps many years ago , truly enjoyable and inspiring

there is a great amount of depth and details for this cake 
it has very good color contrast and content based on the background vs the happy expression of the animals 
the speed of the car and cold climate can be felt over the colors 
see how the hairs flies !!

this is what we call a cake with a picture and snapshot 

Saturday, October 8, 2016

orange bus and cars theme cake singapore , all colorful cars and buses 3d cake / vehicle theme cake traffic theme boys cake singapore

Formula for good design in this cake : 
1. the cars , a variety and arrays of cars with difference colors is introduced 
2. the wall is excellent and tell a very difference stories 
a countryside and urban city on the base TIER , a contrast  and diff scenic for ta cake to tell a stories 
3. the art of figures and stories to kid AYAAN and CO 
his aspiration is to own the orange BUS and this means a lot to every kids dream 

this is what a dream cake is MADE OF 


Friday, October 7, 2016

Dior style cake for mum and baby girl . Hello kitty 3d cake . booties 3d cake . christening cake singapore. 1st month cake singapore

warmth and loving cake for a newly mother with her precious little daring ..
the design : hello kitty + pink + booties + flowers

formula for a great design cake   

these are houndstooth grid pattern 
Image result for pink houndstooth fabric

this is a reference of hounds tool on cloth 
to carve on a cake a new level of challenge and altogehther another story 

but i must agree this this very good very of houndstooth done over a cake pattern added the Christian dior look 

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Gruffalo fairy tale 3d cake singapore / gruffalo owl mouse snake owl and friends character 3d cake singapore

here is what i called a master class 3d cake 
it is really nice 
the color contract itself is distinctly nice 
for a 3d cake , we consider it nice from all round opinions 

the carve of the sugar craft character the expression the proportion to the cake layout .
the layout itself must not be boring , as such there is hills in 2d carving and rocks and land 

a perfect picture , with tremendous effort he skills 

this is what makes of a really good cake 

every colors on every character is added by hand 

meaning we need to knee white color fondant to the color and carve and mixed to form each character and then the whole cake 

this is how a fondant 3d cake is done .without compromised any child's dream of a perfect cake 

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

pink lacy hearts theme princess cake singapore , princess theme 3d cake singapore , girls cake singapore , cake every princess love in singapore

( the images is not provided ) 
this theme is design for every little princess at heart 
the purple and pink roses , the bow and ribbons all sugary added 
the hearts , all these will melt your heart , 
perfect cake for every little girl 

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

electric rock guitar theme 3d cake singapore , gold black white version musical theme 3d cake singapore

cake for russell 18th birthday for dad and mum 

this is a wonderful design we prepare , it had been a while since we prepared for new musical instrument theme cake , this is very nice as we follow the guitar from russell and carve to proportion , added the element of black gold and curly spring give a very noice pop feel for the cake , though it is ROCK , the way the font and frame place a true opulent feel for a certain class for this customized cake 

Sunday, October 2, 2016

giant sugar crafted rose for baby 1st month pastel rose cake singapore / suitable design for wedding cake singapore / pearls and necklaces / 3d flowers hydrangeas pink cake singapore

this is a bold design based on 1st month celebration cake design w pearls and necklance

we designed with flowers hydrangeas pink

there are several layers for the giant rose designs which is complex for the work itself 

the side is of the soft edible lace designs 

Saturday, October 1, 2016

arsenal soccer inspired Jersey 3D cake singapore , best customized cake Singapore , soccer 3D cake singapore

this is for all the arsenal fans out there , 
the cake is in the shirt itself , the arsenal original colors 
name EMILE . 
we paired it with soccer boots , ball , towel , patch of green grass to complete this 3d cake 

at sensational cakes ,we customized every story behind the cake and life stories ...