Thursday, October 6, 2016

Gruffalo fairy tale 3d cake singapore / gruffalo owl mouse snake owl and friends character 3d cake singapore

here is what i called a master class 3d cake 
it is really nice 
the color contract itself is distinctly nice 
for a 3d cake , we consider it nice from all round opinions 

the carve of the sugar craft character the expression the proportion to the cake layout .
the layout itself must not be boring , as such there is hills in 2d carving and rocks and land 

a perfect picture , with tremendous effort he skills 

this is what makes of a really good cake 

every colors on every character is added by hand 

meaning we need to knee white color fondant to the color and carve and mixed to form each character and then the whole cake 

this is how a fondant 3d cake is done .without compromised any child's dream of a perfect cake 

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