Wednesday, May 25, 2011

God Father Mafia Theme Cupcake for Yasser ( Marlon Brando Godfather Theme Cupcakes Singapore)

Special 21st Birthday Cake for Shermin ( 3D figurine Cake Singapore / 21st Birthday Celebration Cake Singapore )

we are proud to share this sensational cake with you , no this is not from our design but actually a design from this girl Shermin , she held a hope for a wonderful celebration with a very special Birthday cake , she even send us her draft which i can understand how important this birthday mean to her , so we decided to study her design very carefully and making it "real" we did all we could to preserve the original ideal and pushes our creativity and skills to make this dream cake ...

we are really happy to see the cake and Shermin was really happy and she even share below pictures with us ..and she is also a beauty herself after seeing the pictures :-)

The Draft 

1. the girls to be included 
2. Happy birthday in Multi-color 
3. Name in Lime Green and white 
4. Cake in Pink 
5. lots of Hearts 
6. lots of Ribbon 

Shermin : Sure hope all your wish comes true ! Have a wonderful Life :-) 

from Shermin to us : " Hi Yian Ching

Thank you for baking and designing such a wonderful cake for my 21st birthday. ^^
When the cake was taken out of the box, everyone were crowding around it snapping photos of the cake and neglecting the birthday girl. The power and charm of the cake is even greater than the birthday girl. 

Spot me bidding goodbye to my cake. I couldn't bear to cut the pretty cake. 
I am still keeping the figurine, my name and mini presents in my fridge. Keke. =D 
Thank you once again. =D " 

1st Year 3D Precious Moments Birthday Cake ( Wedding / Celebration / Precious Tots/ designer/ elegant Cake Singapore )

We are proud to share this latest design , feature a combination of pale blue and Brown Strips .. this was a request from a mum which would like us to design a cake to "frame" a nice toppers from Precious Moments Featured .. we came with this simple yet elegant design which feature on the geometric and colored appeal .. the gift boxes and ribbon added the soft and elegant to theme .. we simply love it ! 

Monday, May 16, 2011

Feedback from Special Tiger Cake 1st Year Baby Girl KYXIE

Hi , Just like to share this wonderful pic taking over weekend with our lovely cake , Hope you love it : -) 
Kyxie looks so beautiful ! 

REFERENCE #14 - 1st Year Tiger Cake for KYXIE 

Special Birthday / Anniversary Cake - Kannayah & Rajamal - Special House/ Bungalow / Volkswagen Beetle Car Theme 3D Cake ( 结 婚 周年纪念糕新加坡


Dear Yian,

Thank you so much for the lovely cake that you did for my in-laws birthday.  My in laws were pleasantly surprised when they saw the cake.  Many guests commented on the uniqueness of the cake design and the lapis sponge was delicious.  We will definately come back to you for future events.

Best regards,

Saturday, May 14, 2011

A BIRDS Cake ( UPGRADE) - Twin Tower with Hersey and M&M Chocolate ( Angry Birds Cupcake Singapore)

Dear All,  with my pleasure  - I would like to introduced this upgraded version of my latest Angry Birds Cake .. also I would like to Specially Thank Alvin , LY and Family for their Passion for  Angry Birds and determination and requirement for me to improve this cake .. 

New Elements added , this was a special Birthday Cake for Thessaly , the Birthday was planned at Singapore Art Museum , an appropriate place for this Artistic cake ... :-) 

The request was very specific , she would love purple Lavender flowers without my usual sunny Rainbow, 2 special towers , I managed to do all these and i inserted " M & Ms Chocolate and Hersey Chocolate " into the Tower.. the effect were stunning , even before this Blog were posted , the request was already flowing in .. 

I hope you will like it as i did :-) 


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

1st Year 3D birthday Cake for Lionel ( King and Cars Theme Cake)

Dear all ,

 I am proud to share my latest design , which is actually a birthday cake with a Boy's in a King outfit figurine at the top , and surrounded with 4 x different cars at tier 2 . the cake is wrap in fondant , the color combination was carefully selected ( red and pale blue ) it was designed with small little cars by the side surrounding the cars and not forgetting the cute puppy and kitty .. this is wow by everyone in Orchard country club that day which the birthday celebration was held .
let's  enjoy .... Happy Birthday Lionel !

Special Birthday / Anniversary Cake - Kannayah & Rajamal - Special House/ Bungalow / Volkswagen Beetle Car Theme 3D Cake ( 结 婚 周年纪念糕新加坡

This is a very meaningful cake for a loving couple ( 6070 - Car Plate ) on May , this is a surprise present from their daughter in law for the couple's combined birthday ..

of us , it is very meaningful as well, with faith and trust - we did our very 1st House and Car Theme , to be honest we did work overnight , it was really quite a challenge ...

here is the details :

the cake need to be well structure and supported , we need firm cake but soft to the taste .. the height of the house itself is 12 layers inside ... ( bake 12 x )

and the carving to perfect square ..
on the outside , the roof , if you have notice it is a 8 pieces , geometrical precisely calculated 3D roof .. well it takes some learning curve , but it is very well done ...
and the wall .. i  must say overall no gaps , perfect walls and roof ,, and the front is supported with a fondant tops .. this is structural prepared as well ..

Do Note of the 2 pillars and Top support structure ... 

Next is the White Volkswagen Beetle in White  - the challenge is carving of cake and fondant wrap in proportion .. i manage to secured most of the details , must say there is room for improvement .. it was a good opportunity and experience ... :-) 

Feedback from Serene, 2 Tier Beyblade and Round Angry Bird 3D cake SINGAPORE

Dear All , Would like to share these wonderful pictures with you from a customer


from : Serene for boy Vallen 
for Angry Birds and 2 Tier Beyblade Cake 

Hi Yian Ching,
Thanks for the wonderful cakes =)
Attached are the pics with your beautiful cakes that bought smiles to so many kids last week, as well as some pics of how much they enjoyed the cakes.
Everyone expect to have either a blade or an angry bird together with the cake on their plate!
My frens are all enquiring about the beautiful cakes when I posted on my facebook =>

Once again, thank you!