Saturday, May 14, 2011

A BIRDS Cake ( UPGRADE) - Twin Tower with Hersey and M&M Chocolate ( Angry Birds Cupcake Singapore)

Dear All,  with my pleasure  - I would like to introduced this upgraded version of my latest Angry Birds Cake .. also I would like to Specially Thank Alvin , LY and Family for their Passion for  Angry Birds and determination and requirement for me to improve this cake .. 

New Elements added , this was a special Birthday Cake for Thessaly , the Birthday was planned at Singapore Art Museum , an appropriate place for this Artistic cake ... :-) 

The request was very specific , she would love purple Lavender flowers without my usual sunny Rainbow, 2 special towers , I managed to do all these and i inserted " M & Ms Chocolate and Hersey Chocolate " into the Tower.. the effect were stunning , even before this Blog were posted , the request was already flowing in .. 

I hope you will like it as i did :-) 


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