Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Special 21st Birthday Cake for Shermin ( 3D figurine Cake Singapore / 21st Birthday Celebration Cake Singapore )

we are proud to share this sensational cake with you , no this is not from our design but actually a design from this girl Shermin , she held a hope for a wonderful celebration with a very special Birthday cake , she even send us her draft which i can understand how important this birthday mean to her , so we decided to study her design very carefully and making it "real" we did all we could to preserve the original ideal and pushes our creativity and skills to make this dream cake ...

we are really happy to see the cake and Shermin was really happy and she even share below pictures with us ..and she is also a beauty herself after seeing the pictures :-)

The Draft 

1. the girls to be included 
2. Happy birthday in Multi-color 
3. Name in Lime Green and white 
4. Cake in Pink 
5. lots of Hearts 
6. lots of Ribbon 

Shermin : Sure hope all your wish comes true ! Have a wonderful Life :-) 

from Shermin to us : " Hi Yian Ching

Thank you for baking and designing such a wonderful cake for my 21st birthday. ^^
When the cake was taken out of the box, everyone were crowding around it snapping photos of the cake and neglecting the birthday girl. The power and charm of the cake is even greater than the birthday girl. 

Spot me bidding goodbye to my cake. I couldn't bear to cut the pretty cake. 
I am still keeping the figurine, my name and mini presents in my fridge. Keke. =D 
Thank you once again. =D " 

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