Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Special Birthday / Anniversary Cake - Kannayah & Rajamal - Special House/ Bungalow / Volkswagen Beetle Car Theme 3D Cake ( 结 婚 周年纪念糕新加坡

This is a very meaningful cake for a loving couple ( 6070 - Car Plate ) on May , this is a surprise present from their daughter in law for the couple's combined birthday ..

of us , it is very meaningful as well, with faith and trust - we did our very 1st House and Car Theme , to be honest we did work overnight , it was really quite a challenge ...

here is the details :

the cake need to be well structure and supported , we need firm cake but soft to the taste .. the height of the house itself is 12 layers inside ... ( bake 12 x )

and the carving to perfect square ..
on the outside , the roof , if you have notice it is a 8 pieces , geometrical precisely calculated 3D roof .. well it takes some learning curve , but it is very well done ...
and the wall .. i  must say overall no gaps , perfect walls and roof ,, and the front is supported with a fondant tops .. this is structural prepared as well ..

Do Note of the 2 pillars and Top support structure ... 

Next is the White Volkswagen Beetle in White  - the challenge is carving of cake and fondant wrap in proportion .. i manage to secured most of the details , must say there is room for improvement .. it was a good opportunity and experience ... :-) 


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  2. Hi Yian,

    It was a beautiful cake and my in-laws were very happy. This cake was a gift from their three sons and the daughter-in-laws.

    Thank you for creating such a unique design


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  4. and i was the camera woman...saved my camera batt for shots of the cake with the family...turned out real good...really pretty cake... :)