Monday, August 22, 2011

Kawasaki Ninja Motorbike Theme Cake Singapore / Happy 21st Birthday for Zhi Bing ( special Theme cake , Bike Cake , Motorbike , Racing Bike cake Singapore )

This was a special request from our dear HweeMin for her boyfriend 21st Birthday , she want this to be really special for him , they always discussed how nice it will be to have a bike cake model after Zhi Bing's New Bike and if this kind of cake is available in Singapore .. 

after several attempt to contact and attempt , it was to no a veil .. it is not surprise why because this is not an easy case to accept .. not a typical cake people like to make  as it is difficult and if not done well , it will not have the WOW factor .. and if the budget is low , it is unpopular decision to make a bike cake .. 
at the point where HW were desperate , we spoke - i explain the constrain and short time to do this .. however , understanding this is not just a cake for her and her boyfriend , it symbolized and special time together at their tender age of 21 .. we decide to put our signature for this cake , this cake was promised to the delivered spectacular , so it is ... 

The original Bike is Blue , so we start to decide it must be blue .. I want this cake to be simple yet elegant with clear lining and contrast ..

so I decide to rim the cake with red , black check box .. and using a NEW front to add the refinement and cake board is choose to be royal blue .. 

Cake turn out a OK .. 

I am proud the proportion of this cake is Good , even it is 100 % hand carved , I would say this is a beauty .. 

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