Sunday, August 14, 2011

Cat and Dog are my best friend Themed Cake for Boy JJ ( Singapore 3D 2 Tier cake , 1st Year cake , Jack Russell Theme , Puppy )

This was from a friend whom specifically like to have their pet Puppy : Jack Russell and Grey Cat featured with their Boy JJ .. 

we did some research and took a while before we decided on this simple yet powerful color theme , we want this theme to be family warmth , pastel colored and a very cute Puppy and Cat .. featured .. however if we placed the boy between the cat and dog then he will seem to be too small , so decided to have him sitting at the center .. 

the eyes of cat and dog and another story , they must melt the hearts of everyone .. 
I am very please with this results , they are really cute ... 

Thank God for this inspiration .. 

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