Thursday, April 26, 2012

Special 1st Year Old grand celebration cake ( 2 Tier Buttercream cake ) / Feedback

This was another spectacular moment of the week .. 
we got a surprise call from a mum which wanted a grand cake for 1st year old celebration ( we thought , that's easy :-) 
but to our surprise , Mdm Ruchi wanted us to make a cake , a customized that that was based on the inspiration of her child , Seher 
she insisted for a meeting , and we discussed on the requirement to customized this cake .. 
as this is a very important celebration , more than 100 guest we invited to a very nice resturant in Tanglin Mall .. 
the requirement is to make the cake "messy " but look like the drawing and using only the same colors .. 
we committed to do our best for this cake 

Then I begin the scatch my head , how am i going to make a mess out of this ? i am only good at beautfying the cake but not to mess it .. this was hard for me 
we wanted organized pattern out of this artwork .. hence we decided to deploy the used of strips .. 
here is the out come .. and feedback 
Hhhiiiiiieeee!!!! V really really liked the cake... & the best part was the creme, blue berry was damn good ..... Thankssss tooooo you. I was really really happy... Plus the cup cakes were a killerrrr of the highest order... I was damnnnn impressed... Cant tel u how happy i m... 

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