Monday, May 15, 2017

cream cake with 3d design for basketball theme , birthday cake singapore , cake for Aravind Jersey

this is some of the things we do best , simple , inexpensive yet really nice and meaningful cakes for our dear ones 

as much as you have followed me on my other complicated and challenging designs , we love a simple cake order like this which characterise the theme and love from family 

a simple cake to make and design can be inexpensive yet meaningful 

in compared to very complicated designs we can add 100 + figurines and details but not all the artwork will be highlighted in the event and give credit to designer .. 

this is a delicious soft sponge cake inside with rich italian buttercream , design w blue and red dots and basketball jersey customized 

all our gourmet chefs comes with year of training from Taiwan , dubai and paris patisseries

ensure good looking and delicious tasty cakes of high standards  

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