Thursday, November 17, 2011

Corporate Cake Singapore , 3D themed - Printer Cartridge Cake Modeling , a Grand Celebration cake for the company

The Name of the company is blocked due to customer request . However I would like to show this wonderful work we did .. 

we are proud to share this beautiful creation we did lately , we are indeed to be selected partner for this celebration cake for the company's 1,00,000,000 cartridge in production . 

as this is a corporate cake , we want to keep it the lining simple but yet keeping the grandeur .. we emphases on the 3D cartridge and graphics on cake board which we did 100 % by hand and align to stunning visual . we love the simplicity and color combined .. 

don't be mistaken , the cartridge is edible sugar art 

till date, we are proud to share we have a good support from corporate with their celebration cakes , thanks for the challenges and support ! 

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