Sunday, March 18, 2012

Army Theme cake Singapore , Dog Tag , Tank , Solder 3D Cake- Salihin ( FEEDBACK

Here is a delighting cake we did , we cover the cake in camouflage color skin , added a solder and a dog tag , this is for a special Birthday boy going to army  ..

Here is the wonderful feedback : 
Hi ,  
thank you for the wonderful and "surprise" cake you have made specially for my loved ones. 
i get so many "wow" audience when they saw both cakes. they never ever seen sucha beautiful cakes! 
especially my little one whom turn 4. he was smiling so wide when he see his cake is a BEN 10 cake. 
and my brother whom celebrate 19th birthday with army cake was shocked that i made him an army cake which is once in a lifetime cake! 
in conclusion. both of them liked their cakes and it was finished at the end of the day! :) 
thank you so much. consider you in the future time or recommend you to my friends if they need one!  
again. thanks! 
attached are the birthday boys with their cakes!  

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