Sunday, March 25, 2012

Peach 3D Longevity cake Singapore ( Lucky /fortune / Money / Golden coin / Festival / Custom celebration / Temple cakes Singapore) Lollipop candy cake / Cherry Blossom cake Singapore/ Chinese Calligraphy Cake /

Here is a Cake for Chinese festival celebration , challenging with the Chinese Calligraphy .

theme was for Longevity Peaches with Lollipop as the background ..

here is the concept:-)


  1. Please advise the size/weight of this cake. Will also prefer not to have the lollipops as is for an elderly male folk. What kind of fillings?

  2. dear this is 9 inch round cake based on 20pax
    can customized design totally , pls advis when u need this cake and target pax for this cake , will need to write in for quote request . for assistance pls call me 91903668 HP