Thursday, May 24, 2012

SPACE Angry Birds Cake Singapore - 1st and best in Singapore ( Lazer bird , Terence , ice bird, ) Space Blue version Cake Singapore

Here's the boy's version of Space with Lazer and Pig .. 
We had also upgraded our pigs with option of " premium " version .. which double to original size and you may already notice that they looks really good .. cause we spend much time to study to enhance the resemblance of the character fir each and every one of them .. 


  1. Hi, May I know if i can order an Angry Bird cake that is shown as above for this coming Sunday?

  2. hi did i quote you on email already ? this is really rush pls call me 91903668 if you are really keen for this sunday rdgs

  3. Hi, can you pls quote me price of this Angry Birds cake for a Birthday on 25th June? Call on 9386 4340 or email Thanks

  4. can do . but we do not quote over blog , will email to you