Thursday, July 26, 2012

Rock Guitar Cake Singapore / Cake for Music Teacher Singapore ( TINO Live ) FEEDBACK

This is a birthday cake for our local celebrity Guitar Teacher , TINO . 
whom runs a studio in ChinaTown , he is well Known with International Fame like F.I.R.  and JJ ( do check him out ) 

for his Artist friend , click here :

for his birthday , we design a cake based on his hairdo and favorite Guitar .. check this Golden Guitar ...
( Tel:91903668/) 

Picture to model the figurine after ..

Some Feedback
 " Hi yian Ching, I think I should write a feedback! :)
You can post it on your blog including the photos!!!
The cake was really a surprise as it was wonderfully made. I thought things would turn out a little different off my expectation, but nevertheless, you meet my expectation more than I expected!!
The best part was the figurine, it look so just like him! Including the thumbs-up action, this was what he'll sometimes do when taking photos!
The whole school enjoyed the birthday moment, and I can see he really enjoy it to the fullest.

Not a cake lover himself, but he ate it with joy!
The cake was really a wonder, even the students and himself couldn't bear to destroy the design. And they were all taking photos of the cake non-stop!
Thank you, for making this birthday cake a success to everyone. Especially him.

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