Saturday, November 17, 2012

Where's my Water ? cake Singapore / Crocs Cake Singapore

we make this attempt to handcraft the figurines my children love playing - where is my water ?
It has got the Crocs , the bath tub , the radio , the shampoo, the sprinkler , the pipe surrounding the cake , 
well this babe takes a long time to carve and complete .but it think it is quite a piece of work ..

also attached some comments Tel:91903668/

Thank you for making such a lovely cake for my boy. The game was my son's favourite game and we are really surprised how the cake looks so alike with the graphics of the game. My son loved the cake and it is really a great birthday present for him. All the kids wanted a piece of the Swampy figurine and the cake was surprisingly delicious. 

Peng Peng

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