Friday, August 11, 2017

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disclaimer : the reference for this blog is to features some of artwork from other reference to highlight what can be done with these tips , thanks 

I finally got my hands on these Russian piping tips!  I keep seeing them everywhere and honestly at first I was just really intrigued and curious, and that is why I got it.

just excited , all these cupcakes is possible with the amazing engineered flows of the cream , it give a amazing texture and volume to these cupcakes ... 

artwork for reference only ! 

Seriously guys, you really can’t go wrong with these piping tips.  There is a teeny tiny bit of a learning curve but it really is simple to use.

What are Russian piping tips?

Rumor has it these tips come from Moscow as the name implies but honestly I am not sure about the history of these tips.  These pastry tips have intricately designed cut outs on one end of the tip unlike the regular pastry tips that just have holes (like the star, petal and the round tips).  And the idea is that when you pipe it on, you will have a complete flower – petals, centers and all, in just one shot.  

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