Sunday, October 1, 2017

Lilo & Stitch best cake ever ! 3D Lilo and Stitch theme 3 Tier hawaiian style 3D cake Singapore

Amazing , Amazing , Amazing 

is the only words i have for this cake 

it is truly wonderful lovely 

from the general perspective , this cake is rich in story and every subtle details is so nice 

on the details why this is a master class cake ?

1. the figurines , see how amazing and close this character comes alive ? this is only possible from Sensational Cakes experts 

2. the proportion of the 3 tiers and layout with the figurines , it is precisely yet perfect 
3. the wall and accessories , the palms and leave that makes the skirt is what i love most , it is piece of art to have the right colors match and consistency and uniformity . 

it seem all natural , but from the artist, this is a high skill level cake .. 

Thanks for support and loving our creation 

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