Tuesday, June 28, 2011

LATEST : A BIRDS Cake DARK TONE VERSION 2.0 for Robert ( 3D A Birds Cake Singapore )

We are proud to present this latest sensational Angry birds , we did several improvements , and basically we are very happy that it was so well received :-) 

First , Let me talk about my Angry Birds Cake ... I believed we are the early ones in Singapore Started Angry Birds Cake when my kids were playing with the extra fondant .... i suggest why not Angry birds , that;s how we started .. 

soon our focus were to place flora , sweet "Angry Birds Theme " lots of flowers and Rainbow to sweeten the whole cake ,,, was were received .. then we work on the expression , we added several versions of Cute pigs with Tongue and bruises .. 

we added blue glass stone and structure to add the realism of the theme .. 

on this latest version : 

* we change the grass tone to dark green tone ( as this were appealing to a adult man - Robert ) and the contrast blue and yellow patch were selected .. 
we added the seasoned looking bricks all over the side of cake .. to gave rusty feel ..

as for the green boomerang bird , we improve of the features as well  ( Not in this pics ) 
we added the pink piglets , sited on the fence ... 

drying and stabilizing the structure was challenge , we did learn the best looking method .. so enjoy and Thank You ...


SMS : Hi the cake is amazing .. all of them loved it .. The most pictures were taken in the birthday  cakes . U will be receiving alot of orders soon :)))

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