Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Simple Wedding Cake - 3D 2 Tier cake for a close relative ( Anniversary Cake , celebration Cake Singapore , Toppers Cake )

We did a simple 2 Tier wedding Cake for a close relative of ours , as this cake is required at team reception for home visitor , so a 2 Tier size of 11 inch and 6 inch were selected . the cake was plan for 4 portion .. the toppers were easily available , this set were a pretty good version from Wilton .. as for the color theme , I am using my current favorite combination , Pearl white, Pale Blue with Coffee .. this is natural, smoothing yet elegant combination .. this cake were produced within hours hence the details were kept simple but yet visual must looks outstanding for Wedding Tea party .. 
The couple toppers were rested on STAR white fondant based surrounded with daisey and a 2 pieces white Roses were place in front the provided the wedding and classic appearance . the top tier itself were covered with Blue .. and frame in silver pearl and the cross line .. in face to my opinion the cross line looks simple but rather skill demanding .. i did it 2 times before getting it rather .. the geometry has to be 45 deg cross exact thru the center line were the pearl is frame , any of these out of place will destroy the visual effect of this cake .. the based were in white , the natural fondant color to enhance the wedding theme , it was carefully covered in 2 color fondant lining of blue and Brown .. ideal is simple but the trick was to get the same geometry and thickness of fondant ... color ball adds the fun element of the cake and also ( covers all joins :-) area ) 
finally the cake board is covered in brown over , and yellow flowers ( not too much ) added the sweet look .. the overall of this cake ,, color and lining plays the major play for this cake .. and we love it .. the internal of cake were sponge cake , top in chocolate and based in Vanilla .. 

During the party , we were glad when the cake were presented , it was the "Talk" of the party .. there were several inquiries and finally after cake cutting was the "taste Test " .. The Host and Guest Loved it :-) we are so glad our cake once again serve its purpose well :-) 

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