Sunday, January 26, 2014

Thank you note from 2014 : special 21st Birthday pics with figurines : Birthday Cake Singapore : FEEDBACK

Hello Yian Ching!

Thanks for delivering such a wonderful cake for my 21st birthday celebration! I LOVE it a lot! The moment when my boyfriend and I opened the cake box, we were like.. "WOW!" I was totally speechless and kept thanking your colleague! LOL! That scene was really funny! You can ask your colleague for more details. LOL!

However, there was one problem I encountered. The '2' broke apart! I was very panicked and worried at that time and I called you! Not only did you helped me to solve the problem, you even called me after that to check how's the cake! Appreciate your concern towards me and my cake! :DDD In the end, I used super glue and tried to stick the broken joints back. My brother even used cardboard to support it. It was quite a tough job but, we managed to save it a little! xD

During the cake cutting session, my boyfriend carried out the cake and placed it in front of me. I scanned through every guests' eyes; all of them gave me a very surprised look! Suddenly, the atmosphere was very silent with only the sound "Wahhhhhhhhh~" LOL! I was very contented with all my friends expression! Even my relatives and cousins kept complimenting on the appearance of the cake! Some of them asked me "Is the girl sitting on the cake a toy?". I then replied "Of course not! It was a handmade figurine specially for me!" Lastly, they commented, "Wow! It was truly a great effort!" I agreed with them! It was truly a great effort all thanks to you, Yian Ching.

I head on to ask everyone the taste of the cake. All of them commented that the sponge cake was really very nice! Really soft and not so sweet. However, the fondant was very sweet. And I thought.. Is fondant always so sweet???

Overall, I had a blast 21st birthday celebration with an exquisite cake to end off with. It was really awesome! All thanks to you and your team for sooooo much efforts and time to bake and decorate my birthday cake. Everyone agreed on your delicate skills! Furthermore, I gave you my orders at such a short notice with a very tight budget and you worked it out for me! 

I have a crazy request! Can you send me a photo of you, your team and the place where you bake your cake to me? I really wanna have a look! No worries! I won't post them on facebook! xD

Here are some of the photos that I have taken during my cake cutting session! (You can see from my friends expression when my boyfriend placed the cake on the table!)


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