Saturday, July 15, 2017

customized harry potter theme 3d cake singapore - Harry potter the curse child theme cake singapore , the cute dragons , the golden snitch , the magic wand , the harry potter spectacle , make this trulely a compolete and very delicate design harry potter theme cake everyone loved. sensational cake singapore . designing the meaning and story behind every cakes

want a zoom in close up on the hand piping fonts , we take every small details into account of the aspect of perfection in our cakes 

the chinese girl is customized based on the photo provided to be part of the character in the celebrations 

this cake is well balance and overall .. very nice 

the book is of cake inside , the wrapping and making it looking like a book on the edge is the ART . 

the cake board itself see we cover with fondant and making the wooden season grain along to have the old vintage effect on the cake 

the elements ...
the girl >> customized ...based on photo 
the golden snatch 

the hat of wisdom .. 

picture perfect 

the taste we did is perfect too from inside ...

The sensational cake 

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