Thursday, July 27, 2017

shopkins kind of celebrating! colorful and cute cake design. #cake singapore

 after seeing this masterpiece i already mesmerized
by its art. dedicated by too much creativity.  

can't get enough?
here's a thing, 
we use hand crafted figurines to made shopkins.
Each figurine has a face and its own name. They are distributed in semi bright pastel colored packaging with bubble letters.  Shopkins are based on grocery items such as a sweet apple named Apple Blossom, a chocolate bar named Cheeky Chocolate, and a chocolate chip cookie named Kooky Cookie.

we take every details match its character so it will look realistic and more dearing in everyone's eyes. 
our finest decorator makes a lot of hard work by crafting and molding it one by one.

as for the little girl, our customer can provide what figurines they want. 
this little girl is provided by our beloved customer.

indeed! cuteness overload.

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