Tuesday, November 21, 2017

3D Violet Lamborghini Cake Singapore, Ferrari theme 3D real life cake Singapore, Best Sport Car Bespoke cake Singapore

YES , you guess it correctly , 

but to brag a little of the cakes we did 

in fact there is a lot to brag about these 2 babes . 
technically speaking , it is so difficult to made !!

the car is small in size only max 30 cm per car , as it is a car , meaning it is a cake inside and carved to dimension and scale 
than we started to add the skin , then the details ( all to scale to actual car in 3d ) 
we need to do it continuously to keep the cake finished and deliverable conditions ( 6 hrs per cake ) 

and if you are sharp artist , you wil spot that this Lamborghini door is open !

yes , this was the request , it is so hard.......support of the door and drying and add plastic window and adding the cushion and see the finest detail of the car spoiler for both 

i dare say this is one of the best job in Singapore for these cakes in Ferrari and Lamborghini in full blown specification and details 

the other point worth mentioned , regardless the scale , the smaller the cake the harder the details 
the shape and proportion , i think we did a fantastic job to bring the curved of both cakes to it reputation . 

well done 



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