Saturday, November 4, 2017

Floral Cream Series (Cream Art)

Introducing our newest collection – Floral Cream Series (Cream Art). 

This is Cake Inspiration’s take on the Korean and Russian piping.

Cake Inspiration have been doing gourmet cakes for quite some time now and have mastered the basic and other techniques in the essentials of baking. From making the base to the piping, to perfecting the freshness and the effect of a single flower to a person’s eyes. 

Inspired by the elegance of Asian and Russian piping and coordinating it with the elegance from the European style, we made a collection using these 2 main purpose in mind – Class and Modern. It’s the details on a traditional technique with the touch of simplicity of the modern way gives a good contrast.

Korean piping and Russian piping comes in different techniques. Russian piping has its nozzle designed so it’s a modern take on piping while Korean piping has its own classic technique on how you make the flower. The sponge cake is made with the main ingredients plus one secret ingredient: LOVE. Combining everything, giving you that perfect mix of the modern and traditional practice producing an elegant creation. 

A collection that we’d love to have as a staple in the menu, price range of the Cream Collection is not at all that different with the ones that we already have. We would like everyone to appreciate the beauty and richness of a sweet treat without sacrificing if it would be worth it. Every sweet treat is worth it after all!


Ordering is easy, we can customize the design and any other added special requests. Order now and make that someone special feel loved! 

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