Tuesday, September 6, 2011

3D under Water Theme cake Singapore ( Mermaid , Sea Creatures , Underwater , special 1st year Birthday cake celebration)

we are proud to present this big cake we did ... 
this is intense from every details and layout , figurines and deco to make the underwater theme come alive .. every details was hand carved .. 

This is a 2 Tier cake .. all surrounded with  creatures and figurines designs 

we surround the cake with pearl of white yellow and blue
andpay special attention to graphical coral design which differ from standard design . we emphasis of the graphic , color impact rather than the realism which we felt may not be the priority to bring the elegant of this cake 

The cake was cover in Marble Blue in 3 different layers 

on the TOP Tier , the name were Multi Colored , place on Yellow Stars designed .. and we love the retro white disco ring serving as bubbles effect ... Crabs is our favorite . 

a big Number 1 was added for our birthday Girl 

Love this cute turtle !!! :-) 

Yellow , Mr Crab ! 

Note on the layout , this is not random , was a precise design and placement for color and graphical impact 

a seal and a crab perhaps ? 

I find this odd , but this is the request - Girl love Nemo , Duckling and dori Fish .. so here is is - the Big Family of underwater .. Oh boy we are please to finally complete all the details ... He he

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